Challenged by a Lack of Patience and Humility

Focus on the Recovery Process

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In many ways my life was a series of miracles. I wish I had time and space to tell you about all of them. Events surrounding my early life led to my being raised as an Egyptian. The education I received was the best the nation offered. You might say I am a slow learner. After 40 years, I decided it was time to defend and deliver the people (the Israelites) of my birth from slavery.

One of my character defects was a lack of patience. Impulsively, I killed an Egyptian slave driver who was beating one of my countrymen. The next day when I attempted to settle an argument between two Hebrew men, they asked if I would kill them as I had the Egyptian the day before.

At this point in time, I realized I would not be accepted back in Egypt or by the people I hoped to deliver from bondage. I ran to the country of Midian where I found love, acceptance, and marriage in a family of sheepherders. I guess you might say I learned humility during the next 40 years in the desert raising and caring for the sheep.

When God called me from a burning bush to return to Egypt, I didn’t want to go. God told me that my brother Aaron would go with me to ask the man then serving as pharaoh to: “let my people go.” The ten plagues – all of which were God’s miracles, finally convinced the pharaoh to let us go and worship in freedom as we asked.

While on our way through the Sinai wilderness to the promised land of Canaan, on one occasion, I was instructed by God to strike a rock and water would be provided for the Israelite nation. To lead such a large group of people who complained and criticized my leadership on this wilderness journey often tried my patience. A second time when the people were without water, I was told by God to speak to a rock. Impatiently and contrary to God’s instructions, on this occasion I struck the rock twice. The LORD then told me that because Aaron and I failed to demonstrate His holiness we would not enter the promised land. After 40 years of wandering in the Sinai wilderness, I died on top of Mt. Nebo where I could look over the Jordan River to the promised land.

By God’s highest power and grace, I was resurrected and had the privilege, along with Elijah, of encouraging Jesus on the mountain now referred to as the Mountain of Transfiguration just before His crucifixion. I wish I could share more of my life and God’s love, acceptance and forgiveness; but, time and space are not available to do so now.