Do you have a dream? Or have you forgotten or pushed it out of your mind? Maybe it’s time to dust it off and reach for it again.

Dig deeper to find out how you can achieve your health dream.  Use the guide below to start your exploration.

Made to Move Challenge

Movement. We were made for this!

Made to Move 5K


Run. Walk. Report!

Time-reporting is open from September 18–25. Category winners, the first, second, and third fastest times in EACH category, will receive a customized limited-edition winner’s medal!

Movement. We were made for this!

Run to GIVE.

Every Made to Move 5K registration gives $5.00 USD to a mission project.

What is Arctic Mission Adventure?

Run to GIVE.

Every Made to Move 5K registration gives $5.00 USD to Arctic Mission Adventure, a network of volunteers addressing the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical needs of people in Alaska Native villages.

Arctic Mission Adventure coordinates day-camps, food pantries, radio ministry, and community outreach tailored to the native people of Alaska living in remote villages.

Virtual 5K Safety

A virtual 5K should be safe and fun! Be sure you understand and submit waivers before participating, whether individually or as a group. If a 5K is more physical activity than you usually do, you may need to check in with your doctor first and learn how to train for a 5K safely and effectively.


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Bring Health to Your Church!

Celebrate Made to Move
Sabbath 2022.

A special Sabbath worship service with an inspirational sermon.

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