12 STEPS to Recovery — STEP #2

Focus on the Recovery Process

The greater the strong hold of an addiction, the greater the miracle when Jesus Christ through His God-given power provides deliverance. When a person recognizes their great need and lack of power to change their compulsive, harmful addiction – whatever that may be, He can then provide just what is needed to take care of the problem.

Recently, I watched and listened to a sermon by John Maxwell titled, “Problem or a Miracle.” It can be found at the following internet link – http://www.life.church/watch/problem-or-a-miracle/. The sermon is based on the report of Jesus’ feeding of the 5,000 plus women and children with a boy’s lunch which consisted of just five loaves of bread and two fish. The problem (need) was great and therefore the miracle was great. The lessons John shares from this great problem (enough food to feed a large crowd) and the resulting miracle illustrates what Jesus Christ, the Highest Power, is able to do when there is a big problem such as a substance or behavioral addiction that enslaves an individual.

When a person thinks they can take care of all their great needs themselves, then the miracle working power of Jesus isn’t needed. It is often only when such a person gives up on their own power and admit they are powerless – Step One that they find the resources – the power greater then themselves that can restore them to sanity (Step Two).

Sanity means to think clearly, avoid rationalizations and self-defeating harmful addictive practices. When an addict decides it’s time to let go of the addictive/compulsive behavior that once served as a way to cope with life’s problems, they can confidently come to Jesus in prayer and the support of friends in recovery with their problem(s). They will find that miracles are waiting for them. He is capable to do more than we can ask, think or imagine because He has the necessary miracle-working power needed (see Ephesians 3:20.

Aiden N ​