An Explosive Climate

Editorial Perspective

Violent and explosive storms are noteworthy and newsworthy. These storms with their powerful wind and water result in much loss of property and life.

I am reminded of Peter, a close friend and follower of Jesus Christ. As one of the twelve disciples, his explosive nature from time to time got him into trouble. On one occasion, when denying that he knew Christ, he used curse words to vehemently emphasize his intention to disavow any association he might be considered as having with Him. Those words and denial fulfilled Jesus’ prediction that Peter would deny Him three times before the cock crowed twice. Later, after Christ’s resurrection, one morning on the beach along the shore of Galilee, Jesus provides an opportunity for Peter to makes amends.

In this issue of the Journey to Life, I mention my father who at times was explosive verbally and today might be described as both verbally and physically abusive. Many years later, I decide it is time to make amends.

I hope you will read Juliet Van Heerden’s feature article, “Hope for the Wounded: Advocating for Addiction Recovery Among Adventists.” In her article she shares her experience with recovery and the value and benefit recovery can be for other Seventh-day Adventists.
I trust you will be greatly blessed as you consider how recovery has and/or will help you and others find love, joy, and peace amidst the storms of this life.

Ray Nelson, MDiv, MSPH