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ARMin News

On February 10 – 12, 2017, sixty-eight individuals attended the Adventist Recovery Ministries Facilitator Training at the Soquel Campground Conference Center, Soquel, CA. Attendees were treated to a surprise “Unhooked Live” interview session. We especially thank our partners Dr. Lorayne Barton, Health Ministries Director for the Pacific Union Conference, and Steve Horton, Health Ministries Director for the Central California Conference.

We welcome a new Journey to Wholeness group in Clovis, California, which began the week following the training.

We also welcome a new Journey to Wholeness group in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, which began on January 9, 2017, and is specifically ministering to the needs of women.

If you have an active group, please send us an email at We want to hear your stories and share about what’s working with each other.

Recovery related news, pictures (protect anonymity of individuals in meetings) and upcoming recovery and awareness events can be sent for future newsletters. Please send these to Ray Nelson, Journey to Life Editor – adventistrecovery@gmail.comand/or Katia Reinert, Adventist Recovery Ministries Director –