Summer Heat

Editorial Perspective

Several years ago, when first moving to Southern Maryland (just South of Washington, DC) from Maine, I was told that the weather during the Summer months could be described by the 3 H’s. By this they meant Hazy, Hot and Humid. Although the temperatures were not nearly as high as when we lived in the Imperial Valley of Southern California, the heat index due to the high humidity often made the weather just as uncomfortable. By the way, now living in Michigan with shorter periods of heat and humidity means less discomfort due to this kind of weather.

Another kind of heat is generated within one’s life when confronted by events which may be the result of bad decisions. However, more often than not the individual may have little or nothing to do with the cause of these events. They are simply a result of living in this old world where the work of the enemy continues to wreak havoc.

Part I of Dr. Burnett’s feature article, “The Impact of Traumatic Life Events: Reactions and Resilience,” helps us better understand how the stress and strain of the various stressors (traumatic life events) affect people in different ways. Alcoholism, and other addictions frequently accompanied by depression often follow such events. Part II of Dr. Burnett’s article will appear in the November – December issue of the Journey to Life. In that concluding portion of the article Burnett will examine several factors that contribute to resilience (the ability to recover from these events and resulting negative coping strategies).

Thank God for the hope and help He provides for each new day. “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble” Psalm 46:1..

Ray Nelson, MDiv, MSPH