The Best News Ever!

Focus on the Recovery Process

To err is human.

I apologize for the negative introduction, but this Latin proverb accurately describes our human condition. We can apply this truth in multiple ways, but for now I would like to focus on the consequences we face as human beings when we err and fail.

Like most of us I have accumulated my fair share of mistakes, errors and failures, over my short, almost 35 plus years of life. Many of my failures were really just mistakes and the consequences didn’t really amount to much. Other times my failures have had disastrous effects.

About seven years ago several of my failures collided with such force that I had, what some would classify as, a ‘quarter-life’ crisis. But after the collision things got worse for a time as I added more failure to the fire I had created.

One of my big failures during this time was falling into pornography. I understand that some people believe that viewing pornography is okay, but I believe it is a sin which causes various levels of separation (I’d be happy to talk about this another time)—hurting the sinner and others.

To sin is human—we are all sinners, but the problem is the consequences and damage that sin causes. I suffered with guilt, feelings of unworthiness, insecurities and a number of other consequences, not to mention the pain and problems I caused others.

BUT, here’s the best news ever! “As people sinned more and more, God’s wonderful grace became more abundant” (Romans 5:20, NLT). The best news ever is that God’s grace is greater than your worst sin and it’s even greater than the accumulation of all your worst sins put together—that’s amazing grace! If you have never heard of grace, then you’ve been missing out and if you’ve heard about grace but never experienced it then you don’t know true grace.

Let me briefly tell you about, grace, the best news ever! Grace is a gift. Grace is receiving what you don’t deserve. Grace is acceptance. Grace is getting another chance. Grace is limitless. Grace is attractive. Grace restores. Grace transforms. Grace is a haven. Grace is selfless. Grace is indispensable. Grace is contagious.

How do I know this is grace? Because I have experienced it and continue to.

My epiphany came when I discovered Psalm 32:8 which says, “The Lord says, ‘I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you’” (NLT). I felt hopeless and here God showed me that He would guide me even though I was a sinner and a failure. Yes, I had to open my heart to God and ask forgiveness, but I didn’t have to earn His forgiveness, help or power. I believed it and began to experience authentic grace.

If I was to summarize grace in one sentence I would say, grace is a safe growth environment. To sin is human, to discover God’s grace is amazing! Will you try it?

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Royce Odiyar