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Presenter:  Vicki Griffin, Michigan Conference Health Ministries Director

Topic: Living Free:  Finding Freedom from Habits that Hurt.

Habits are our friends – when they’re good ones.  But when bad habits develop, whether they involve food, substances, or behaviors – they can hijack your life.  Discover how this multi-faceted resource can be utilized online, one-on-one, integrated with other health programs, or as a stand-alone series for your community.

Seminar Description:

Living Free! Finding Freedom from Habits that Hurt.  The roots of addiction are deep and tangled, and they evolve over time. What does it take to heal a brain ravaged by stress, broken by bad habits and negative thinking, and the assault of spiritual and environmental forces?  Discover powerful tools for renewal, restoration, and recovery in a world full of crises and confusion.

Session 1:  The Addicted and Learning Brain. Addictions are about broken connections—in the brain, with each other, with life principles, and with God. A look at the big picture and the even bigger promises and plan.

Session 2:  Freedom Keys. It’s one thing to achieve freedom—it’s another to maintain it over time. Discover practical, powerful principles for getting and staying free. Be inspired by amazing success stories—against all odds.

Session 3:  Your External Environment: Lifestyle.  When it comes to building a better brain, body, and life, lifestyle matters.  Quick fixes and gimmicks will not heal a broken brain or help you win the battle against bad habits. Discover what works!

Session 4:  Your Internal Environment: Attitude. Attitude, social networks, lifestyle, and spiritual renewal are woven together to create the mental mettle to confront obstacles. There is hope for the harried!

Session 5:  Connections and Situational Awareness. In your quest for freedom, situational awareness is key. We explore what it is, and how to strengthen it.

Session 6:  Habits that Last. It’s one thing to achieve a goal, it’s another to maintain it over time. Learn the difference between “outcome” versus “identity” based change. Tools for a new life that lasts!

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