AAHWC Member Update

Dear Members:

As we near the end of our first term in our AAHWC, I felt that it was important to connect with our members in a more personal way. To review the purpose and goals of the organization and to get your feedback so that the next term would be even more beneficial in serving each of you. Our original plan was to contact each of you by phone. We wanted to connect with each of our members in person to know how to better direct the association in the future.

We are aware of and apologize that these last two years have not provided much benefit to our members. It has taken us longer than we thought to get organized, with our bylaws, leadership and newsletter. Now that those basics are in place we want to circle back again to our membership and make sure that the future operation and offerings are valuable to each of you.

But first of all I would like to share again our basic reason that we started the organization. We believe that the coaching concept is a critical element that is needed to round out the church as a true Christ reflector. We have a message to share with our world, but if we are to follow Christ’s example we need to also learn to listen and ask questions and thereby come close to people in a personal way. Our hope is that each of our members will not only do that in their personal work but also provide a training element for many others in the church to join the coaching and L.I.F.T. army that will make the necessary transformation of the church that will fill the earth with the glory of God.

We understand that many of our members don’t have a clear picture of the work of AAHWC, the last part of our website (nadhealth.org/coaching) gives a good description.

To become more organized we need to know more about each of our members. Your training, interest, degrees, credentials, felt needs for becoming a more effective supporter or listener and your contact information. Our members include many very skilled coaches, and we are hoping that they will be willing to share with the other members various insights and skills through webinars or newsletter articles.

Some of our plans for the future are to have a quarterly newsletter, periodic professional webinars, regular sharing zoom meetings to share with each other experiences and questions that arise in your coaching life.

The new L.I.F.T. (Jesus’ way of coaching) is almost ready to get out to our churches for training lay members basic skills of listening, asking questions and providing ongoing support. We hope that each of our AAHWC coaches could be a part of this process to help transform our churches into effective Christ Reflector, balancing out the work of “telling” with active “listening”.

We also want to invite you to attend the Annual Membership Meeting, Sunday, November 11 at 7:00 pm Eastern / 4:00 pm Pacific.  The meeting link is: AAHWC Zoom Meeting.  We need to have your input on several important items of business.  Please mark this on your calendar and plan to be there!

I look forward to talking to many of you in person soon. Our contact page is nadhealth.org/contact and we can be reached at 443-391-7238.

Rick Mautz

AAHWC President

By Rick Mautz
President, AAHWC

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