Power to Heal

April 2 – 8, 2023

Lexington, KY, USA

Whether you’ve never been to an NAD Health Summit or you’ve been with us in the past, you don’t want to miss this one because we will be doing something different.  The trainings, networking sessions, and spiritual emphasis will equip you to be part of a comprehensive health evangelistic effort across the Division, while staying focused on your community.  Come and be a part of the last great work!

Continuing Education Now Available!

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Starts In

The Week at a Glance

The Experience

The first two days of the Summit is dedicated to improving skills and competency on core leadership skills needed to be effective in ministry.

Community health fairs and expos are one of the most common tools used to serve.  This “live demo” will share new resources available to grow your influence.

Presenters are well experienced in the knowledge and practice of the topics they will address.

A dedicated prayer room will be available for those times you may just need to refresh yourself.  Let us know if you’re willing to volunteer as part of the prayer team!

Attendees receive a discount for products obtained through AdventSource during the Summit.

It’s easy to become distracted and/or disheartened in ministry.  Join us as we refocus on our missional goals!

Join us at the networking session to gain confidence in serving those whom God has placed on your heart.

During the final day of the Summit, you will be able to create a strategic plan for your ministry so that you are able to hit the ground running when you head back home.

All attendees will be eligible to attend online Zoom-based follow-up meetings.  We know learning new tools is only one step in the process, so we’re here to give you on-going support during the first few months as you put them into practice.

What is this event about?

Read our frequently asked questions to help understand the purpose of the Summit, and why it’s a ministry, not a one-time event.  Your other questions are answered, too!

Schedule Overview

2:00 pm | Check-in Opens

7:30 pm | Opening Program

8:30 am | Prayer Session

9:00 am | Plenary

10:30 am | Breakouts Sessions

1:00 pm | Lunch (provided)

2:00 pm | Breakout Sessions

4:30 pm | Break

7:30 pm | Evening Program

8:30 am | Prayer Session

9:00 am | Plenary

10:30 am | Breakouts Sessions

1:00 pm | Lunch (provided)

2:00 pm | Health Fair Bonanza

4:30 pm | Break

7:30 pm | Evening Program

8:30 am | Prayer Session

9:00 am | Plenary

10:30 am | Course Instruction

1:00 pm | Lunch (provided)

2:00 pm | Course Instruction

5:30 pm | Break

7:30 pm | Evening Program

8:30 am | Prayer Session

9:00 am | Plenary

10:30 am | Course Instruction

1:00 pm | Lunch (provided)

2:00 pm | Course Instruction

5:30 pm | Break

7:30 pm | Evening Program

9:00 am | Prayer Session

9:30 am | Strategic Planning Session

1:00 pm | Lunch (provided)

2:00 pm | Networking Session

5:30 pm | Break

7:30 pm | Commissioning Vespers

8:00 am | Breakfast (provided)

9:30 am | Worship Service

11:30 am | Ark Encounter/Creation Museum trip (optional)

Together in Mission

Leadership Development

Ministry is not about simply “doing” a program or holding an event.  Ministry requires a deeper understanding of how to effectively work with individuals from all persuasions, and bringing together various skills and resources in order to achieve missional goals.  Leadership development, therefore, is a necessary element for successful ministry!

The following breakout sessions will be offered Monday and Tuesday.  You will be able to attend any three that you choose at no additional cost.

Gain skills on how to be an active listener.  Understand the challenges to effective communication including attitude of the listener and speaker alike. Recognize how to handle troublesome issues and how to be more than “good” at communicating.

Learn practical ways to de-escalate a volatile situation or conversation.

This seminar will cover how to conduct a community needs assessment, identify assets, and apply these to your health ministry plans. Knowing your community will lead to increased receptivity by the community, better utilization of your resources, and to effective application of “Christ’s method alone.”

How do you build key relationships and position your health ministry to a standing of credibility, trust, and relevance in the public space? Together we’ll explore practical ways to boost the impact of your health ministry program in your community.

Planning and conducting a program is only part of your role as a ministry leader.  Letting the community know is often a forgotten aspect, but it makes all the difference!

Team building is the process of creating a positive and productive working environment where team members can work together effectively to achieve common goals. It involves a range of activities, exercises, and initiatives that help to foster collaboration, communication, and mutual understanding among team members. The goal of team building is to create a positive team dynamic, where team members feel valued, supported, and motivated to work together effectively.

Practical Trainings

The following course will be Monday through Friday during the Summit.  You must attend all days to complete the training.  Attendance will be taken.

A Faith Community Nurse (FCN), previously known as Parish Nurse, is a trained registered nurse who serves within a faith community to improve the health of its members. They recognize that spiritual care is central to the practice of an FCN and, working with the pastoral and health teams, facilitates wholistic health for the congregation. This Foundations of Faith Community Nursing Curriculum course will prepare the participant in this specialty practice. This specialty is recognized by the American Nurses Association. You must be a registered nurse to become a Faith Community Nurse.

NOTE:  This course begins during the month of March with online virtual sessions.  You must attend all sessions to receive the certificate of completion.  See the full schedule on the Foundations Course information page.  Registration is processed separately on our Events page.

Sponsored by Adventist Association of Faith Community Nursing

The following courses will be taught on both Wednesday & Thursday of the Summit.  You must attend both days to complete the training.  Attendance will be taken.

The most important reason for any health program is to connect with people. It’s all about them, not just the information you will share. Health Partners are “Christ Reflectors” that know how to listen, ask important questions and provide ongoing personal support. They are the key to a successful ministry.  In this training, you will learn practical coaching skills that can be applied to any area of life and ministry.  We will also provide a “train the trainer” so that you can take this training back to your local church.

Sponsored by Adventist Association of Health & Wellness Coaching

The Journey to Wholeness program was developed by the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists to provide a safe environment for individuals recovering from trauma and addictions. These “Journey Groups” follow the 12 Steps to recovery, as modified from Alcoholics Anonymous, through an Adventist & Christian approach. Facilitator training is key to successfully running the JTW program.  We will also provide a “train the trainer” so that you can take this training back to your local church.

Note: $75 additional material cost applies

Sponsored by Adventist Recovery Ministries

In this workshop the participants will explore the authentic, historical features of the Seventh-day Adventist sanitariums of old and explore the possibilities and opportunities that are present today with regard to the creation, development and sustainable operation of such a program today.

Co-sponsored by General Conference Health Ministries.

Two levels of training will be offered:

  1. Associate Director training:  This includes all the materials associated to be able to administer the program in your community. Associate Directors are responsible for organizing and executing the program.  Note: $350 additional material cost applies
  2. Facilitator training: This includes all the materials associated to facilitate the group session aspect of the program. Facilitators are responsible for guiding the weekly small group discussions following the lecture content.  Note: $175 additional material cost applies

Trainings are offered at a discount price to Health Summit 2023 attendees, and is provided by the Nedley Health team.

Significant loss brings on grief and that needs to be supported through compassionate relationships with others. This class is designed to equip facilitators with education, training and resources for starting and conducting a grief and loss support group. Once the course is completed, attendees will also be invited to connect regularly with other facilitators to share ideas and get support as you move forward.

Note: $75 additional material cost applies

The following courses will be available on Wednesday or Thursday – see notes in class description.  Attendance only required for continuing education.

This class repeats on Wednesday & Thursday

This workshop will provide the latest information on trends in chemical and behavioral addictions in society and among Adventist Youth. We will review the causes and impact of these behaviors on mental and spiritual health and describe evidence-based programs that churches can develop that reduce the occurrence of these behaviors.

Sponsored by Institute for Prevention of Addiction, Andrews University

This class repeats on Wednesday & Thursday

Functional nutrition builds upon the foundations of traditional nutrition therapy. While traditional nutrition therapy addresses symptoms, functional nutrition takes a deeper dive into addressing root causes for the discomfort individuals experience. Functional nutrition also seeks to prevent or decrease the risk of medical conditions from developing in the future.

This class is only taught on Wednesday

This practical, educational, hands-on course is a positive way to learn and practice basic treatments that are easy to use at home as well as for health ministries programs.

Note: $50 additional material cost applies

This class is only taught on Wednesday

This course consists of a two-part series that will be repeated on Wednesday & Thursday. You only need to attend one day to obtain full content.

  1. Restoring the Sanctuary: Trauma, Healing and the Church — Trauma is an epidemic in the world. New research continues to give evidence of the dramatic effects of trauma upon the brain and body. Come gain further understanding of the impact of trauma and learn practical tools to support healing in individuals that goes beyond just suggesting counseling.
  2. Restored-Trauma Informed Churches — Research tells us that healing of trauma can happen, but not if an individual does the journey alone. Participate to gain insight into the intersection of faith and science with relevant approaches for working within faith-based organizations to become communities of healing.

Co-sponsored by International Center for Trauma Education & Care, Andrews University

This class is only taught on Thursday

Participants will engage experientially in a positive learning environment. Collaborative and participatory methods will be shared using techniques of interacting with young people and young at heart in your church, school community, and universities. Training includes principles of group process, developing trust, facilitation, team building, and leadership skills, along with how to share health principles in a meaningful way.

What to bring:  Pencil, eraser, note book, open mind, fun attitude, and a willingness to learn, laugh and move.  Wear casual clothing.

Sponsored by Collegiate Advocates for Better Living, NAD Health Ministries

Make Your Plans to Be There

Venue & Lodging

Lexington Griffin Gate Marriott Golf Resort & Spa
1800 Newtown Pike
Lexington, Kentucky 40511
9 miles from LEX Airport

Discount Room rate:  $161 USD per night
Start Date: Thursday, March 30, 2023
End Date: Monday, April 10, 2023
Last Day to Book: Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Airport & Transportation

Distance From Property: 9 Miles
Phone Number: +1 859-425-3100

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Alternate Airport Transportation: Wildcat Taxi, Yellow Cab Co, Uber, etc
Distance From Property: 75.3 Miles
Phone Number: +1 859-767-3151

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Distance From Property: 73.5 Miles
Phone Number: +1 502-368-6524

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Distance From Property: 293 Miles
Phone Number: +1 828 684-2226

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Roommates & Rides

Looking to carpool to the Summit, or find a roommate to share expenses?  Visit our Facebook group to connect with others who are planning their trip!


Your registration gives you so much more than a week of inspiration, strength, and tools for your ministry — as powerful as these will be!  You will also be building a network of co-laborers and collaborators and system of support for on-going success.  Don’t miss out in all that is offered!

Attendee cost is $495 per person.  See list below for all that you will have access to.

You will be able to attend all plenary sessions and select from a variety classes and trainings.  You will also receive a registration gift bag, access to booths, and certificate of attendance at completion.

Designated health and medical professionals will be eligible for specific units.  Please see the Continuing Education page for details.

All registrants receive a course packet with relevant and useful tools for maintaining a healthy and prosperous health ministry.

You will be able to select from a variety of classes and facilitator trainings.  Some are available at no additional cost while others incur a fee for course material.

Seven (7) meals are included in the cost of registration–Lunch on Monday through Sabbath and Breakfast on Sabbath.  Note: Sabbath lunch will consist of a box meal due to the optional outing to the Ark Encounter or Creation Museum.

We are working with AdventSource to make available health resources at a discount price — only available to Summit attendees.

The Summit will provide a “booth experience” that will provide both resources and practical examples of how to execute a successful health fair in your community.

All Summit attendees will be eligible to attend on-going meetings with select course instructors and health ministry leaders.  Plan to join us at specific intervals after the Summit for Zoom-based meetings.  These will occur 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months following the in-person event.  Our goals is to not only educate you on powerful and effective ministry tools, but to also give you quality on-going support to implement them when you get back to your church and community.

All Summit attendees will receive access to recordings from all plenary sessions along with the free courses.  Recordings from only some trainings that have an additional fee will be available to those who completed the specific training.

Following the morning services, attendees can select to have an optional trip to the Creation Museum or Ark Encounter.  Discount admittance tickets, lunch boxes and round-trip shuttle bus will be provide to those who register in advance.  You can only pick one destination and additional fee applies.  Learn more about the Creation Museum or Ark Encounter.

Receive to Give

How to prepare
for the Summit:


Talk to your pastor about supporting your health ministries team to attend the Summit.  Share how you will utilize the training when you return.


Select the course you wish to take, process your registration and make travel and lodging arrangements

Jump to Courses


Watch for resources provided prior to the Summit.  Completing these will help you gain the most from your time at the Summit.


Power to Heal

It is the Lord’s purpose that in every part of our world health institutions shall be established as a part of the gospel work…The work in all its branches is to be one.

This is an extract from a letter written in 1900 regarding the crucial link between the health and gospel work of the Adventist Church.  At the 2023 Health Summit, we will prayerfully study together how this can be implemented in today’s context.  You won’t want to miss this pivotal conference, from which we hope to increase and strengthen the ministry of healing.


Should Attend

will gain valuable in having an effective health program that supports the missional goals of your church.  You will also network with individuals from other churches to share what you’ve learned about ministry and meet some of the health ministry leaders of the Church.  At the end you will have a plan ready to put into place when you return to your church.

will be able to add new and effective tools to meeting the needs of your clients and patients.

who wish to supercharge their evangelism efforts will learn the best-kept secrets to effectively reach hearts of hurting people in their community.  You will also learn how to practice self-care while leading your congregation with strength and grace.

will obtain resources to open new doors for reaching out to your community while recognizing the value of “inreach” ministry to fellow church members.

will learn how to expand the reach of your ministry by using effective tools for ministering to the health needs of your network.

will gain skills on how to fully engage youth and young adults in growing and vibrant service opportunities.  Using their God-given skills and talents for service is one of the most effective ways to prevent adverse outcomes.

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