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Calling all Adventist Nurses!

Tuesday, September 19, 2023
8:00 pm Eastern / 5:00 pm Pacific 

If you are interested in using your professional nursing skills for ministry, please join us for a special conversation on Zoom.  We will discuss the new direction and vision for AAFCN and how all nurses can be a part of this network that provides peer support, continuing education, ministry and leadership opportunities, and much more!  All nursing specialties are welcome.

Notable Nurses

We are all sure to know of a nurse who should be recognized for his or her service and ministry.  Let us know about an Adventist nurse at your church, workplace, or community so we can connect with them.

Foundations of Faith Community Nursing

This course equips nurses of any faith or spiritual community to promote wellness, healing, health promotion, and disease prevention and lifestyle management.

Continuing Education

Online, live webinars, offering contact hours accredited by the American Nurses Credentialing Center.  Webinars are recorded and archived for access by AAFCN Members and Friends.

Nurses’ Appreciation Sabbath

Coinciding with the Nurses’ Week, churches can utilize the resources provided to plan a special Sabbath program to acknowledge nurses — and other health professionals — and their missional service.

AAFCN Illuminator Newsletter

Peruse our articles, meet our members, and gain new skills and tools for your ministry through our quarterly newsletter.


We are all at risk for isolation, loneliness, and burnout.  AAFCN is here to support you through all these times via educational and inspirational online meetings.

Board of Directors

Meet the leadership team of AAFCN.  We support several committees and welcome the involvement of any of our members!  Please contact us for details.

Calendar of Events

AAFCN sponsors numerous events throughout the year.  Check out our calendar for the current year!

Contact Us

You are not alone.  Our Board of Directors is here to assist you in establishing a healthy and prosperous FCN ministry!  Contact us today!


Connecting Churches with Quality Care

A Faith Community Nurse (FCN), previously known as Parish Nurse, is a trained nurse who serves a church or congregation to improve the health of its members. They recognize that spiritual care is central to the practice of an FCN and, working with the pastoral team, facilitate wholistic health for the congregation.

Most FCNs are BSN prepared, have current experience in the nursing process, and have successfully completed the Foundations Course.  Many are masters and doctoral prepared and have degrees in fields such as nursing, psychology, education, and theology.  The FCN is a recognized nursing specialty by the American Nurses Association.

Faith Community Nurses have been called to be conduits of safety for others.  We achieve this through education, mentoring, and personal support of pastors and congregants on their personal health journey.  FCNs also serve in hospital and healthcare settings, offering community-based education and support.

To learn more about the Faith Community Nursing specialty, visit the Westberg Institute website.

Our Purpose

The Adventist Association of Faith Community Nursing (AAFCN) is a network of Seventh-day Adventist FCNs and Friends who believe in the Values of Adventist Health Ministries.  Together, they seek to further the work of FCNs within churches, hospitals, and communities.  Visit the Membership page for more information on benefits and to join this growing movement.  The FCN is a vital part of your church’s overall health ministry program, providing high-quality outcomes to achieving our mission.

Our Mission

AAFCN equips nurses to facilitate transformative care to congregations and communities.


Having the right tools can lead to success in your ministry.

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