AAFCN Leadership

Meet the dedicated volunteers who serve on the Board of Directors, as Advisors, and on specialty Committees. We welcome any member to join the leadership team by participating on a Committee.

Board of Directors

Angeline David Brauer, DrPH, MHS, RDN

Executive Director

Dr. Brauer has served as the Health Ministries Director for the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists since 2016.   She holds a Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) degree in Nutrition from Loma Linda University School of Public Health and a Master of Health Science (MHS) in Epidemiology from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.  She previously worked at the Seventh-day Adventist Guam Clinic as wellness director and dietitian, and at Johns Hopkins as a senior research assistant.

Kathleen Coleman, MPH, BSN, RN


Kathy is Director of the Faith Community Health program at Adventist HealthCare. She graduated from Washington Adventist University from the BSN program and gained her Masters in Public Health from Loma Linda University. She has worked at Adventist HealthCare for 30 years in home health and cardiac outreach,  trained as a Faith Community Nurse in 2003 and FCN Coordinator in 2014. She is co-founder of the Association of Black Seventh-day Adventist Nurses.

Joan Payne, BSN, RN


Joan graduated from Atlantic Union College with an Associate Degree in Nursing and a BS degree in Behavioral Science, from Syracuse University with a BS  in Nursing, and from the State University of New York Health Science Center with her Master’s in Nursing. She worked at St Joseph’s Hospital in Syracuse, NY for 31 years as a nurse and Nurse Practitioner. She became the first FCN at the Westvale Seventh-day Church in Syracuse, NY and for the New York Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

Lewelyn Cariaga, MS, BSN, RN


Lewelyn is a natural-born Filipino as well as a naturalized US citizen. Growing up as a “sickly child” inspired her to become a nurse. She finished her Nursing degree in the Philippines and came to the US with her husband in 2003. She currently works at the University of Maryland Medical Center reviewing surgical outcomes under the Department of Quality and Safety.  She completed the Faith Community Nurse training in 2012.

Betsy Johnson, BSN, RN

Education Director

Betsy is presently serving as Elder and Faith Community Nurse at Emmanuel Brinklow Adventist Church in Ashton, Maryland and is the Washington Metro Area Health Ministry Coordinator for the Allegheny East Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. Betsy also serves on the Advisory Board for the Nursing Department at Washington Adventist University in Takoma Park, Maryland and has authored four books.

Cheryl Lindeman, BSN, RN

Membership Director

Cheryl always wanted to be a missionary nurse and graduated from Walla Walla College (University) in 1970 with a BSN, RN. She worked at Walla Walla General Hospital in Walla Walla for two years while her husband finished his education at Walla Walla College.  While the children were growing up, she stayed home with them and worked part time in the medical field (physician”s office, hospitals and home health/hospice). Her experience has been mostly in med-surg but includes orthopedics, emergency room and home health/hospice.

Teresa Nelson, BSN, RN

Member Liaison

Teresa is a graduate of Loma Linda University, has worked as a med/surg nurse, as a public health nurse, then transitioned to maternal-child health, working in labor, delivery, postpartum as well as outpatient OB/GYN. In 1998 she responded to an opportunity to transition to the specialty practice of Faith Community Nursing, served as Faith Community Nurse Coordinator for Adventist Health, and coordinated the Faith Community Nurse/Health Ministry outreach program for Adventist Health Sonora for ten years.

Eula Winston, RN, CCM

Member Liaison

For Eula Winston, 1967 was a big year; she became a Registered Nurse and also got married. Though the marriage of fifty-four years continues, her professional career shifted with retirement in 2012. Eula”s specialty in nursing is Physical Rehabilitation. She became a CRRN (Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse) in 1994 and in 1998, became a CCM (Certification in Case Manager).  She completed her Faith Community training in January 2019.

Pastor Reynolds Rodriguez

Public Relations Director

Reynolds served in the Dominican Union until being invited to pastor in the Greater New York Conference and as a teacher at the South Bay Junior Academy in New York City, and later as Youth Pastor at the Queens/Corona Hispanic Church. He was then called to serve as Communication Director and district Senior Pastor for the New York Conference. He is currently pursuing the Masters in Pastoral Ministry from Andrews University.


David Baer

NAD Treasury Advisor

David serves as Controller for the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists


General Conference Advisor

Dr. Katia Reinert serves as Associate Health Ministries director for the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist World Headquarters. She is a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner and Public Health Clinical Nurse Specialist. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Washington Adventist University, a Master of Science in Nursing from Catholic University of America and a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Nursing from Johns Hopkins University.  Dr. Reinert has a heart for ministry, and a passion for mission and global health.

Anthony A. Medley, DMin

Pastoral Advisor

Dr. Medley is Senior Pastor of Emmanuel Brinklow Adventist Church. He received his Masters of Divinity degree and his doctoral degree from Andrews University. He is also a certified pre-marriage and marriage counselor. Pastor Medley has a rich and extensive background of over 25 years in ministry. He has served as Youth Pastor, Pastor, Conference Youth Director, College Chaplain, Vice President of Student Services, Adjunct Faculty, Police Chaplain, and Senior Pastor.


Many of the day-to-day operations of AAFCN are carried out by dedicated volunteers.  We welcome involvement by all members who have an interest in gaining experience in leadership.

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Betsy Johnson, Chair
Tammy Adams
Kim Bowman
Linda Bradley
Kathleen Coleman
Joan Payne
Eula Winston 

Joan Payne, Lead Instructor
Angeline Brauer
Kathleen Coleman
Kimberly Graham
Betsy Johnson

Teresa Nelson 


Kimberly Graham, Chair
Jonathan Bennett
Debbie Cox
Ginnie Kim
Reynolds Rodriguez
Sonja Wrate

Rosalyn Saunders, Chair
Jonathan Bennett
Sylvia Hayashi
Ginnie Kim

Cheryl Lindeman, Chair
Evadney Gordon
Hazel Martin
Teresa Nelson
Eula Winston 

Nikki Anderson, Chair 
Pauline Ansine
David Baer
Angeline Brauer
Lewelyn Cariaga
Kendie Reich