Health Assessments

The following questionnaire tools can be helpful to assess your need for support for a variety of health issues.  If you are concerned with your health or situation, or score on any survey, please seek appropriate care from a qualified provider.

Results should not be taken as a diagnosis.

How Stressed Are You?

If you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, it is important to consider seeking help.  Use this survey to gauge your level of stress.

Addiction Needs Survey

Addictions come in many forms, types, and intensities.  Find out if you may be in need of support for recovery from a harmful habit, hurt, or hang-up.

UCLA Loneliness Scale

Version 3 of the scale originally developed by psychologist Daniel Russell to measure level of loneliness.

Expanded ACE Survey

Understanding your childhood experiences can help to better understand your current challenges.

Ministry Assessments

The following tools can be helpful to assess your ministry or ministry potential.  These are provided for your reference.  Please consult with your Conference Health Ministry leader, or reach out to the NAD office, if you would like assistance with your ministry.

Should I be An FCN?

Faith Community Nursing is a specialty of the Nursing field that incorporates ministry to the spirit.