How Stressed Are You?

If you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, it is important to consider seeking help.  Use this survey to gauge your level of stress.

Please note: this scale is not a clinical diagnostic instrument and is provided for educational purposes. It merely identifies some of the more common symptoms of stress. If you have any concerns about your state of emotional health, you should consult with a mental health professional.


Answer each of the following items by considering this question:  In the last month, how often has the following been true for you?

Stress Survey
1. I feel tired.
2. I find it very hard to relax or “wind-down.”
3. I find it hard to make decisions.
4. My heart races and I find myself breathing rapidly.
5. I have trouble thinking clearly
6. I eat too much or too little.
7. I get headaches.
8. I feel emotionally numb
9. I think about my problems over and over again during the day
10. I have sleeping problems (e.g., trouble falling asleep, trouble staying asleep, trouble waking up, nightmares, etc).
11. I have trouble feeling hopeful.
12. I find myself taking unnecessary risks or engaging in behavior hazardous to health and/or safety.
13. I have back and neck pain, or other chronic tension-linked pain
14. I use caffeine or nicotine more than usual
15. I feel overwhelmed and helpless.
16. I have nervous habits (e.g., biting my nails, grinding my teeth, fidgeting, pacing, etc).
17. I forget little things (e.g. where I put my keys, people’s names, details discussed during the last work meeting).
18. I have stomach upsets (e.g., nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, gas).
19. I am irritable and easily annoyed.
20. I have mood-swings and feel over-emotional
21. I find it hard to concentrate.
22. I have trouble feeling that life is meaningful.
23. I am withdrawn and feel distant and cut off from other people.
24. I use alcohol and/or other drugs to try and help cope.
25. My work performance has declined and I have trouble completing things
Source: Headington Institute

0 – 25:
A score in this range suggests that you’re probably in great stress-shape!

26 – 50:
A score in this range suggests that you may be experiencing a low to moderate degree of stress.

51 – 75:
A score in this range suggests you may be experiencing a moderate to high degree of stress.

76 – 100:
A score in this range suggests that you may be experiencing a very high degree of stress.

Your score will automatically calculate once you have submitted your answers.