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“We are all woven together in the great web of humanity.”  ~ Patriarchs & Prophets, p 534.

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A program is simply a sharing tool for connecting with the hearts of people.

These health initiatives are useful for meeting the needs of your community, thus reflecting the love of Christ to them.

The Faith Community Nurse (FCN) is a vital resource to promote the health of your church leaders, members, and community. The AAFCN provides resources, training, networking, and more to support the FCN role in ministering to the health needs of your church.

Problems with addictions of every kind are affecting more individuals, families, churches, and communities. ARMin provides resources to help through the power of Christ, including the 12-step Journey to Wholeness program, Recovery Retreats, and Recovery Awareness Sabbaths.

CABL is a scholarship program for collegiate students who wish to promote healthy living on their campus. CABL student advocates gain skills in leadership, health education, community service, and networking.

Each year, the North American Division designates one Sabbath as “Health Sabbath.” This lends an opportunity for our churches to focus their entire Sabbath services on the importance of good health.  It’s a great time to invite neighbors who may not attend a “typical” church service.

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March 28, 2021

NAD Health Summit 2021

SAVE THE DATE for the next NAD Health Summit, March 28-April 4, 2021.

July 25, 2020

NAD Health Sabbath

Gather your friends, family, and neighbors for these Sabbath services focusing on the positive aspects of healthy living — together!

November 24, 2019

SDACC Health Ministries Live Webinar Training

Health Ministries Webinar Training: Join us for a Facebook Live webinar training sponsored by the SDACC Health Ministries, on Sunday, November 24, from 3-5:30pm EST. The webinar training will feature Dr. Dick Tibbits, author of “Forgive To Live: God’s Way.” As well as Vicki Griffin, Health Ministries Director, Michigan Conference, Director of Lifestyle Matters Health Intervention Series.

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