Weekly Health Ministries Prayer Call

Each Friday, join us for a 30-minute prayer call to study and pray for leading in our health ministry work.


Fridays at 9:00 am, Eastern


We are living in a time when Christ’s work of healing is needed more than ever.  This includes healing for physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual needs.  The NAD Health Ministries department is dedicated to furthering ministry according to God’s design.  We recognize the need for His leading in every aspect of this work.  We also accept His call to this work with humility, recognizing that:

God qualifies his disciples for the work which He would have them do, and gives them talents according to their several ability. But in order that they may do the work for which they are called, they are admonished to wait, to watch, to pray, lest Satan shall take advantage of them.”  Signs of the Times, July 18, 1895


Anyone who is interested in the work of Health Ministries is welcome to join.  Our focus is on accomplishing mission through the health work.  We come together without judgment of others, but instead to press together for sake of ministry.  If you have a personal prayer request, please visit Acts of Prayer.

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Prayer Call
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We will begin the prayer time with a reading to help focus the emphasis of our prayers.  We are currently reading through the book Ministry of Healing by Ellen G. White.

Personal Requests

This weekly prayer call is to pray for the work of health ministries.  If you have a personal prayer request (personal healing, etc), please share that on the Acts of Prayer page.