Our Prayer Requests


Colorado Springs, CO
May 11, 2024

Please pray for my health and my Spiritual walk with God; Help me continue with my education journey in Andrews. Keep me and my family together at all times in the Spirit of God. Pray for my children and grandchildren especially my wife and I to stay with Jesus and His purpose in our lives.


Johannesburg, South Africa
Mar 29, 2024

Pray for Vicky(Pray The Lord to open her spiritual understanding and free her from deception and witchcraft, and come and join the true church sda, and Mabongi too, Aletta( Cancer sufferer pray for her healing) Tshepiso to surrender his will to God. Bodibe Sda church youth to love the Lord with all their hearts and not to attend classes as required by their schools. Pray for me that God’s will be done upon me by me and through me. Lastly pray God to bless me with a scholarship to go to Andrew University for Masters program in Theology or Divinity. Thank you so much in advance for your love and service.
May The good Lord continue to bless you all.


Washington, DC
Mar 05, 2024

For the tired but resilient woman reading this, know you’re not alone. Find strength in Jesus’ love as you decide. Join us at Pasdac, where we pray for each other’s journey.


Orlando, FL
Feb 25, 2024

Complete healing for my husband and I, in all the ways the Lord knows we need, physically, emotionally and spiritually, and for the job that God is preparing me for.


Levittown, NY
Oct 26, 2023

Please help pray for my newly born child diagnosed with neuroblastoma, may she receive God’s healing.


Johannesburg, Gauteng
Aug 25, 2023

To overcome porn addiction and be sexually pure before God. While on the journey to purity, may God sanctify my thoughts, my appetite, my eyes and ears most of all my heart that my sacrifice will be acceptable.


Lomkraw 27 Ladkrabang, Ladkrabang
Aug 24, 2023

For things not to be reclaimed. To restore brain doubles. To restore everything double. To no longer need medicine.

Viola Cleo

Kingston, Ontario
Jun 30, 2023

Pray to heal Viola Cleo Bradshaw stroke, eye needs total restoration, her speech is impaired, needs help talking, heal emotional trauma, loss, loneliness, depression, heal sleep disorder and nasal cavity desperate need due to BROKENNESS


Seoul, Seoul
Mar 24, 2023

Please, pray the following for us(Ha-young, Ye-young, Ui-seop, Jung-won, Hye-ok, Yul-bin, Suzy, Eun-tae, In-sook, Im-hak, Tan-ae).

1. Give all of us revelation by the will of God’s son and let us know the true father God.
2. Send us workers for the harvest.
3. Take away all the armament of those who stole from us.
4. Jesus, come to us quickly with your sovereign power, receive all of us to Yourself, that where you are, there we may be also.(John‬ ‭14‬:‭3‬ )


Mar 16, 2023

Please pray that I will overcome doubt and whether I should get off Kratom or not. Kratom helps in many ways, but can be addictive. (mainly helps for depression, etc.) But also helps for energy and sleep.


Leominster, MA
Nov 11, 2022

Please pray for my mind and spirit to be clear and fresh so that when I will take my FNP Board exam in a few weeks, I will pass it and my God , our God will be glorified. Thank you !


Newberry, FL
Oct 26, 2022

Please, pray for my son who is battling with addiction.


kingston, ON
Sep 23, 2022

pray to heal Magdalena grief, lonliness and relationships and pray to heal schizophrenia and restless leg syndrome and stop suicidal thoughts and pray to heal loss to be healed by miracle and pray she get a new job, and pray for Pauline and Nicoletta heal relationships and Bruce to heal relationships and depression.


Aug 19, 2022

Please, pray for Jason, Michele, Cale, and their families’ salvation. Jason doesn’t believe God exists. Michele doesn’t think he needs to have a personal relationship. Cale believes he should live for his pleasure. Please pray that they are saved, they return to Stacey, Tecla, and I, and we follow God together. Thank you!


Jul 29, 2022

I need to have a closer walk with God. I need prayer for my husband, children and grandchildren to establish a relationship with God


Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania
Jul 12, 2022

Good morning, Church. Please pray to the Lord that I recover my Mini DV Tapes that was stolen out of my relatives Car since January of 2022. My relatives just told me to stop praying because they think those Tapes are gone. I will continue to pray cause I do not believe that they’re gone for good. Please pray for me to recover these sentimental memories in whichever way that is possible. In the name of the Lord. Thank you in advance.


Long Beach, CA
May 11, 2022

My name is Renee, I’m asking for deliverance from spirits of oppression, legions and new age and occult spirits from past new age involvement that I repented of. I have been dealing with torment for years and I’m asking for prayer please! ! I also ask for prayer that God will touch peoples hearts to pray for me and and share my prayer request that I will be delivered. And prayer for protection since I can deal with alot warfare. Also, salvation for my family. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your prayers in advance!!! You have know idea how much I need it!!


Clinton, MD
Mar 28, 2022

Please pray that I consistently seek and listen for the Lord’s will in my life regarding the medical missionary work as I am a full-time caregiver for my mother who has dementia. Pray that I apply the laws of health in our lives and we see needed improvements in our health.


Winter Haven, FL
Feb 04, 2022

That the Lord through the help of the Holy Spirit will guide me in choosing the way He wants me to go in fulfilling His appointed mission.
Also, to come through for me and others with affordable housing for which paperwork has been submitted.
God bless.


Danville, KY
Jan 26, 2022

Please pray with me (Matthew 18:19) that God will heal my husband Mike of his cancer


Colorado Springs, CO
Jan 13, 2022

I have very bad tenants who I’m trying to evict. They have broken everything in the lease. 8 people are now living in the basement efficiency apartment. They’re angry because I came home to find what a mess was down stairs. Court date with judge is Jan. 20. I need prayers badly.


Longview, TX
Jan 04, 2022

I am asking for prayer for my son and daughter. i needing prayer for my son and daughter to have to mind of Christ and to receive the Holy Spirit.


Colorado Springs, CO
Dec 29, 2021

Please pray for my daughter Maria and son Jacob. Needs interventions and cleansing of mind and heart. Pray for the Holy Spirit God to take over them and open their eyes to God and Jesus.

Pray for Me and my wife and my children, grandchildren. Guide us and and keep touch our heart with Jesus cleansing power of His blood.

Pray for Stacey, jobs, husband and her spiritual and physical life. Pray for her family too.


Fort Washington, MD
Nov 28, 2021

I have Chronic Lyme Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Chronic Fatigue due to Adrenal Fatigue… please pray for my continuing healing from mold intoxication and that all my disability claims will be approved this month. Pray for Liberty Mission that the Health and Wellness renovation project goes well and that we get more donations


Abbotsford, BC
Nov 18, 2021

I have a burden to reach out to the non-Adventist Christian and Punjabi friends here in Abbotsford. We also have a great burden for our children and grandchildren to have a personal relationship with the Lord and realize the time we are living in. We want them to come into the fold before its too late. Thank you!


Seffner, FL
Nov 11, 2021

Numbness in left foot
Regain taste


Grand Prairie, TX
Nov 11, 2021

Please pray for Lucille who is now on a ventilator and her kidneys are shutting down. A prayer that our Father’s will be done. Pray for strength for the family.

Please pray for our son, Jarrett and his wife Andrea to be obedient to our Father. Improved reading skills for their son Thomas. We are thanking our Father in advance for His direction. AMEN


Palm, IA
Oct 26, 2021

Hello if you could pray for me please thank you

I am missionary returned from europe to USA if can pray for court case Nov 16 judge drop case, not pay anything,as it was not my fault as court said case is dismissed and it was not . For mother suzan brother billy father jack to be saved saved, do juicing to heal .

Dad to have new big contracts, and income for them to invest well independent financially brother Billy to return to usa me fabien success in trading friends girfrend good social circle Uncle Henry and aunt Martine to heal heart and bipolar thank you


Colorado Springs, CO
Oct 20, 2021

Im getting ready to leave for AZ watching a friend house and dog while she is gone…family emergency. My new tenants are very difficult and have broken the lease several times:
no smoking on or in property, getting utilities put in their name, paying the correct security deposit… I need prayer to know if I should evict them . Is my property safe with them there.


Yorktown Heights, NY
Oct 20, 2021

For my sister Laura, that she may receive God’s healing grace and find peace.

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