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More Than We Realize


More Than We Realize Contributed by Angeline D. Brauer, DrPH, MHS, RDN Celebrate National Nutrition Month® and a focus on a beautifully balanced diet. Each year, dietitians and nutritionists rejoice during the month of March for National Nutrition Month®.  It’s our opportunity to get a bit of the spotlight and focus on the importance of a healthy eating plan.  The theme for 2024, in a campaign provided by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, is “Beyond the Table.” With this theme, we are encouraged to consider what happens to our food and drinks before [...]

More Than We Realize2024-03-29T00:47:02-04:00

Empowered Nursing Ministry


Empowered Nursing Ministry Unveiling the Divine Strategy Featured Article, December 2023 “God is the best strategist!” remarked a friend in our recent conversation as she recounted how she had been recognizing God’s leading in her life during challenging times. That conversation left me thinking about our strategic planning sessions AAFCN leadership held earlier this year. Your AAFCN leaders came away with a similar impression. Yes, God is the best strategist! The vision God placed in our hearts and minds was something I do not think any of us fully anticipated. It was a broader, higher, and [...]

Empowered Nursing Ministry2024-01-02T22:19:09-05:00

Church Safety and the Nurse


Church Safety and the Nurse Understanding the protocol response to active threats and the FCN role in prevention and response Learning Objectives Some of the major causes that lead to threats on faith based properties are issues that fall under the ‘ministry umbrella’ of the Faith Based Community Nurse. (Mental illness, persistent health issues, emotional problems, domestic struggles…) In an emergency where there is a threat to the members of the church, the Faith Community Nurse can serve as a first responder to help those who are less mobile to be able to [...]

Church Safety and the Nurse2024-02-14T20:09:41-05:00

Nurse Self-care


Nurses Health and Self-care February 2023 The new year of 2023 is here and so is our brand-new Newsletter for the AAFCN in conjunction with the NAD.  The “AAFCN Illuminator” is set to be launched in February 2023.  This quarterly newsletter will feature inspiring articles to enhance the lives of FCNs through providing pertinent information and thought-provoking subjects.  We praise God for the suggestion of developing this newsletter from our leaders and all the committed and creative staff that will be working hard to produce and keep us up to date with the latest, evidenced-based information. [...]

Nurse Self-care2023-02-08T15:54:34-05:00

National Cancer Month


February is National Cancer Prevention Month Social commerce is a part of the greater e-commerce market, which has seen a significant uplift in the past few years. In 2020, amid the COVID lockdown, social commerce got a big boom while people were confined to their homes. The volume of buyers on social media platforms has increased from 18 million buyers in 2018 to 80 million buyers in 2020. However,  after mid-2021, the count decreased to 56 million buyers due to lockdown relaxations and the opening of malls and shopping centers. In 2022, experts estimate 70 million [...]

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Eula Winston


Eula Winston Illuminator's Spotlight, February 2023 The AAFCN has recently started a quarterly newsletter called The AAFCN Illuminator. Within it we’ve decided to do a spot on a selected AAFCN called:  The Illuminator’s Spotlight.  It was not difficult at all to choose the first selectee as she (and her husband) are a couple that I have admired from a distance for several decades and for multiple reasons with its crowning reason…well, I will speak more on that later. Now, on to the interview:  A couple weeks ago she and I sat for a telephone interview which [...]

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