Angela Poch

About Angela Poch

Angela Poch is a licensed counsellor & certified life coach specializing in depression, anxiety, relationships, and health goals. A member of ASI, BC Board of Directors, Adventist Assoc. of Health & Wellness Coaching, and the BC Health Committee. She has spoken at NAD Health Summits, been on 3ABN, and volunteers with Compassion Health. She has created several self-help courses including how to become a health coach using the Ministry of Healing as well as written several books & cookbooks. As a Level 4 Advanced Therapist & Trainer she trains therapists and life coaches to be more effective using TEAM-CBT through small groups (incl. Dr. Burns Stanford University’s Tuesday group), workshops, and case consultations. Angela loves Jesus and believes sharing the gospel through the health message will hasten His soon return and empower individuals to have a stronger spiritual connection.
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