Finding Hope in a Broken World

Health Sabbath 2019

The following are available to help you prepare for Health Sabbath on February 9, 2019:

  • Sermon: Made to Thrive
    • By Pastor John Bradshaw, Speaker/Director of It Is Written.
    • The DVD can be purchased through AdventSource or viewed under “Videos”
  • Additional presentations listed under “Videos”
    • Angeline David, NAD Health Ministries Director
    • Vicki Griffin, Michigan Conference Health Ministries Director
  • Special issue of Vibrant Life magazine available through your local Adventist Book Center
    • Discount order form available under “Documents”
  • The Journey to Wholeness program provides ongoing support for individuals in need of healing
  • Flyers for posting at your church or for sharing with your community are available as downloads under “Documents”

See the documents on this page for a suggested schedule and list of resources.

Invite your friends and neighbors to Health Sabbath. Show them that you care for them, including their physical, mental, social, and spiritual needs.  We pray that Health Sabbath will be a blessing to your church and community.

Sharing Resources

Special Issue – Hope is Alive

Sharing tracts

Initiative to Help
Abuse Survivors

All Your Ministry Needs
From A to Z