“God has entrusted to the Seventh-day Adventist Church some of the most precious truths ever given to proclaim to this world. Our Biblical understanding of Christ’s message of salvation includes nurturing the whole person in every area of life–physically, mentally, socially and spiritually. The Biblical message is a balanced message. It is important that we encourage people to allow God to lead in every area of living. One of the best ways is to start with our health since our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit. In addition, we need to reach out to those around us in helping to meet their needs as Christ did. In line with this, we are encouraging our church members to become involved in a national initiative called Let’s Move, which emphases appropriate exercise and healthy living especially for children and young people. Let us all become better acquainted with God’s wish in 3 John 2 that we be in physical health even as we are in spiritual health. We can help ourselves and others by participating in a healthy lifestyle during the Adventists InStep for Life initiative. What a privilege, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to live healthy lives for the Lord!”
Ted N. C. Wilson, General Conference President

“This is our time! As a church we have long talked about the importance of not just healthy minds and hearts but also healthy bodies. Our culture is coming to grips with its health crises and we have a message for the times. Adventists InStep for Life is a wonderful means for advancing our emphasis on health among kids and families. I see this as a program that all 1.1 million Adventists in the North American Division can take part in and encourage their community to embrace.”
Dan Jackson, North American Division President

“God has called us to servanthood—this is not negotiable. We are called to maintain and improve social conditions of society for the Kingdom of God. We are commanded to create new social values, based on Biblical principles. We are commissioned to become change makers through serving Christ. We follow Jesus in humble and loving servanthood, as He Himself was the humble Servant.”
Sung Kwon, North American Division Adventist Community Services Director

“The aim of true education is to restore human beings into the image of God. Therefore, Adventist schools are focused on the balanced development of the whole person—spiritual, physical, intellectual, and social-emotional. The Adventists InStep for Life initiative will assist the home, school, and church in realizing this goal.”
Carol Campbell, North American Division Associate Director for Elementary/Curriculum

“Adventists InStep for Life is an important program that our NPUC churches and schools support. This program affirms the principle of exercise that has been part our church’s health message for decades.”
John Loor, Jr., Retired North Pacific Union Conference Health Ministries Director

“Churches with ongoing Adventists InStep for Life programs have reported stories of people who have been able to reduce and in some cases eliminate medications as the result of a consistent exercise program. Physical activity is powerful medicine! It can change your life.”
E. W. Dempsey, Georgia-Cumberland Conference Health Ministries Director

“This initiative aligns wonderfully with our Columbia Union initiative in physiology and nutrition over the past two years. We should not miss this opportunity for our students to participate in a fun, division-wide project that promotes improved health and lifestyle. Please plan on involving each of your schools on September 25, NAD Let’s Move Day. Place the day and special event on your calendars and agendas. Let’s make this a ‘high day’ for improved health.”
Ham Canosa, Columbia Union Educational Superintendent

“In the Columbia Union, many congregations are already leading the way in health promotion via the CHIP program and other nutrition and exercise programs. Kettering Adventist Church’s Women’s Ministry team is planning a 3K fun walk for September 25, to celebrate Let’s Move Day. Pink t-shirts with Let’s Move logos will be given away and family members and congregants of all ages will be invited to join in the fun.”
Chris VanDenburgh, Retired Kettering Health Network Coordinator of Faith Community & Nursing Health Ministry

“The Columbia Union will give full support to the Adventists InStep for Life initiative and we hope to have several 5K events in our Union highlighting this initiative.”
Dave Weigley, Columbia Union Conference President

“This year we will plan the largest Vibrant Life Fun Run & Walk we’ve had so far.” [In response to the Adventists InStep for Life initiative].
Nick Bejarano, Review and Herald Periodical Marketing Manager and Race Organizer

“Our goal is that each of the 150 plus churches in the Northern California Conference will get involved by encouraging both members and communities to participate in a healthier lifestyle. Already over 15 churches are preparing gardens to provide fresh vegetables to the needy in their communities. Other congregations are working with charitable organizations to provide meals for families, particularly during the summer season when they do not have access to school lunch programs.”
Gordon Botting, Northern California Conference Health Ministries Director

“Studies show that maintaining exercise goals is even tougher than nutrition goals for most people. We are encouraging our churches in Michigan to run 18-month health intervention initiatives that include ongoing exercise programs for church and community members. The Lansing Church is an example of a church promoting an exercise initiative, and has two excellent programs on board: a kettle bell class and a walking/running class. One member and her husband lost a total of 100 pounds with the support and instruction offered in these programs. What joy this brings to the organizers!”
Vicki Griffin, Michigan Conference Health Ministries Director

“Ontario is fully on board with Adventists InStep for Life, and will be integrating it into their existing Ontario Adventist Lifestyle Groups (OALG) program. Each church and community is encouraged to establish an OALG to help members make lasting lifestyle changes and achieve fitness goals within a group setting that is affordable and easily sustainable. Members are encouraged to work in pairs or threes to facilitate accountability and increase peer support. A number of groups, such as the Christian Youth Sports Academy (CYSA), are focusing on youth and adult fitness through physical activity events such as 5 km walk/run this summer.”
Maria McClean, Ontario Conference Health Ministries Director

“Childhood obesity is complex. The asnwers to solving this issue are even more so. It will continue to be a great challenge for many years to come. Fully understanding the problem at hand is the key to successfully tackling it–coming together and sharing what we know while putting it into action will certainly make a difference! So what are we waiting for. . . let’s move!”
Angela M. Fals, MD, FAAP, Medical Director, Center for Child and Family Wellness, Florida Hospital for Children