Adventist Health Ministries mission is to demonstrate God’s love by promoting whole person health principles to Adventist church leaders, members and the community at large, assisting people from all ages, gender, and ethnicity in reaching their full potential for wholeness and a productive abundant life. Health Ministry is the gospel of Christ illustrated, the message of God practiced. Without it, the gospel witness is muted; it is merely a theory, and idea.

Our main aim is for each church in North America to become a center for health, healing and wholeness in the community where people may increase their health awareness, learn to incorporate standards for healthful living, and find restoration in Christ for a hurting body, mind, or soul.

Goal 1: To create geographic networks of Adventist churches for the purpose of:

  • Certifying Lifestyle Consultants, Specialists, and Trainers (See Chapter 22.)
  • Sharing concepts for successful local ministries
  • Scheduling major wellness events

Goal 2: To publish the health ministries newsletter HealthWorks once every two months..


Goal 3: To schedule national Breathe Free, Regeneration, and other specialty training programs.


Goal 4: To inform Adventist churches of the growing incidence of AIDS within the church, and to educate members in prevention and loving responses to people affected by the virus.


Goal 5: To encourage the Adventist community, especially elementary, academy and college students, to adopt and maintain a healthy, drug-free lifestyle.


Goal 6: To conduct vegetarian congresses and to train a core of vegetarian instructors.


Goal 7: To use satellite links-Adventist Communication Network (ACN)-to train workers and to reach out to the public through such programs as HeartBeat.