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Symposium Presenter Suggestions

Primary Presenter



Free of bias
Free of bias

Presenter Guidelines

  • Presenters will be selected based on topic interest, qualifications of presenter(s), scientific validity
  • Presenters must disclose any conflicts of interest.
  • Continuing education units will be obtained for presentations.
  • Attendees will come from diverse backgrounds, perspectives, educational attainment, etc.  Please be respectful of the diversity of attendees

Plan Ahead

  • Date and time of presentation will be determined by selection committee.  You will be contacted by a committee member, with whom you may discuss particular needs.
  • Breakout session will be 75-minutes and should include time for Q&A.
  • You are highly encouraged to provide handout material to supplement your presentation.  Material will be provided digitally.
  • Sessions will be presented virtually. Instructions  will be shared with you in the weeks ahead.
  • Presenters and co-presenters will receive a special link to register at a discount rate.  Honorariums will be provided where applicable.

Community Code

Presenters and attendees are expected to honor the following guidelines.

  • Express your opinions freely when entering into informed debate.  Our community is diverse and opinions expressed do not necessarily represent the views of the North American Division.
  • The following will not be tolerated.
    • Violent, obscene, profane, hateful or racist comments.
    • Comments that threaten or defame any person or organization.
    • Solicitations, advertisements, or endorsements.
    • Comments that suggest or encourage illegal activity.
  • We encourage everyone to:
    • Use accountability and compassion when connecting.
    • Realize that we can disagree without being disagreeable.
    • Seek to understand one another, approaching conversations with genuine curiosity.
    • Recognize that we can only speak from our personal experiences.
    • Honor that we do, indeed, contain multitudes – different genders, races, ethnicities, abilities, economic backgrounds, linguistic heritages – and such differences are vital to our community.