Featured Speakers

Ted N.C. Wilson
President, General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Daniel Jackson
President, North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists

Abner De los Santos
Vice President, General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Derek Morris
President, Hope Channel

Bonita Shields
Associate Director, Stewardship Department, North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists

Ann Roda
Vice President, Adventist HealthCare

Prudence LaBeach Pollard
Vice President & Professor, Oakwood University

Carla Gober-Park
Assistant Vice President & Associate Professor, Loma Linda University

Nerida McKibben
Host, Go Healthy For Good!, HopeTV

Taj Pacleb
Speaker/Director, Revelation of Hope Ministries

Course Instructors

Belkis ArchboldQuiero Vivir Sano (Spanish)
Gemalli AustinExpanding Your Health Toolbox (Spanish)
Lorayne BartonA Practical Guide to Effective Health Ministry
Luis BiazottoLifestyle Centers, Urban Missions
Gordon BottingA Practical Guide to Effective Health Ministry
Rodney BowesHealth Education Tools
Zeno Charles-MarcelHealthy Aging & Older Adult Ministry, Urban Missions
Chef GW ChewUrban Missions
Kathleen ColemanFoundations of Faith Community Nursing
Alfredia ConnerUrban Missions
Byron ConnerUrban Missions
Leroy DaleyLifestyle Centers, Urban Missions
Curtis EakinsCancer Prevention & Recovery
Paula EakinsCancer Prevention & Recovery
Robyn EdgertonHealth Education Tools
Martin FeldbushEmotional and Spiritual Care Provider
Diana FlemingHealth Education Tools
Vicki GriffinStress & Mental Health, Journey to Wholeness Facilitator
Carola JaniakMassage Therapy
Betsy JohnsonFoundations of Faith Community Nursing
Michael KnightCancer Prevention & Recovery
Yvonne KnightCancer Prevention & Recovery
Danny KwonHealth Education Tools
W. Derrick LeaEmotional and Spiritual Care Provider
DonnaLee LehmannHydrotherapy & Basic Home Remedies
Paul Lehmann, CABL
Rick MautzThe Missing Ingredient – Wellness Coaching
Duane McBrideJourney to Wholeness Facilitator
Ernie MedinaThe Missing Ingredient – Wellness Coaching
Anthony MedleyFoundations of Faith Community Nursing
Nerida McKibbenSelf Management of Chronic Disease
Ray NelsonJourney to Wholeness Facilitator
Teresa NelsonFoundations of Faith Community Nursing
Peter PribîsCurrent Issues in Vegetarian Nutrition
Joan SabatéCurrent Issues in Vegetarian Nutrition
Beverly SedlacekJourney to Wholeness Facilitator
David SedlacekJourney to Wholeness Facilitator
Vaughan SparrowLifestyle Centers
Wynelle StevensHealthy Aging & Older Adult Ministry
Sonia WrateFoundations of Faith Community Nursing
Jonathan ZitaLifestyle Centers