A Friend Indeed

Dear Friends,

Oil and perfume make the heart glad, and the sweetness of a friend comes from his earnest counsel. Proverb 27:9. ESV

As the President of our AAFCN shared at our annual membership meeting on September 19, 2023, we have made significant changes to our membership structure, now offering three categories of membership in our Association. In addition to those who have completed the Foundation Course and are now Faith Community Nurses (FCNs), we are thrilled to announce that our Association (still referred to as the AAFCN) is extending membership to all Seventh-day Adventist nurses.

This expansion brings us to the introduction of our third category of valued members – Friends of the Adventist Association of Faith Community Nurses. These are individuals who wholeheartedly embrace our mission, provide unwavering support, offer valuable counsel, pray for us, and affirm our calling.

Many of our Friends have been by our side since the inception of our organization, and you can find their names listed on our membership roster. So as a Membership Liaison, I decided to call and interview a few of our Friends. Let me introduce them to you.

  1. Beverly Queen of Maryland serves as a phlebotomist in a local children’s hospital. While she can’t recall the exact year she joined our ranks, her journey with us began after serving as a Medical Missionary in Thailand and Mexico. Beverly also volunteered with the Pathway To Health Ministry and has worked alongside some of the best doctors and nurses. She proudly carries her membership card along with her other identification.
  2. Alicia Richards found the AAFCN on the NAD website and was immediately drawn to our Education Committee’s offering of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) on Alzheimer’s. With a Bachelor of Science in Social Work, further studies that led her to become a CPHQ and a CRC, whereas she has enjoyed being a Friend, she did show interest in joining AAFCN as the Adventist Nurse that she is.

Our association deeply appreciates all those who serve alongside us in the category of Friend. Our Friends come from diverse backgrounds, including Pharmacists, Physical Therapists, Social Workers, Physicians, and other allied health professionals. Some of our Friends are Pastors, and we affectionately consider them as laity dedicated to the field of medicine.

In closing, I’d like to remind you that “A friend in need is a friend indeed,” a well-known Proverb from English folklore that predates Shakespeare. This phrase resonates with us at the AAFCN as we continue to uphold the values of friendship and support in 2023. Thank you for being our Friends and for your unwavering commitment to our mission.

Warm regards,

Eula Winston, RN, CCM

By Eula Winston, RN, CCM, AAFCN Membership Liaison

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