CABL Coordinator

CABL is a collaborative effort of the Health Ministries, Young Adult Ministries, and Education Departments of the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists.

We are pleased to work with our CABL Coordinator, Paul Lehmann, Chair/Associate Professor Emeritus of the Outward Pursuits Department at Burman University.  Mr. Lehmann serves as the primary contact with student advocates as well as the school sponsor/mentor. He can be contacted through the Contact Us page.

Responsibilities of the CABL Coordinator

  • Provides advice and support for student advocates as needed
  • Provides support for school sponsors and mentors as needed
  • Reviews and approves all applications for serving as a CABL student advocate
  • Reviews and approves all semester reports from CABL student advocates
  • Provides guidance and visioning for the CABL program
  • Represents CABL at the yearly Chaplains conference
  • Facilitates communication between the NAD, participating schools, and student advocates
  • Facilitates training for CABL student advocates, including webinars and in-person trainings
  • Serves on the NAD Health Ministries Advisory Committee
Paul Lehmann
Paul LehmannCABL Coordinator

Paul Lehmann grew up in Saskatchewan, Canada and completed a Physical Education degree from La Sierra University.  His graduate education is from Loma Linda University in Public Health and from the University of Colorado in Experiential Education.  A 43-year teaching career began in 1975 at Burman University during which Paul served as chair and professor of the Outward Pursuits Department developing the program plus numerous government-approved degrees within Outward Pursuits.  As of Sept 1, 2018, he claimed semi-retirement from the University.

He is the coordinator for Collegiate Advocates for Better Living (CABL) for all the Adventist Universities and Colleges in the NAD, holding this post for 19 years.  He also serves on the NAD Health Advisory Committee.

Paul is an educator who loves the energy and passion of young people who want to serve the Adventist church.  Paul and his wife DonnaLee have led numerous development trips worldwide, not only in the area of service learning and development, but to show young adults how God is blessing the growing Adventist church.

He enjoys learning, hiking, climbing, canoeing, photography, travel and adventure activities, health education as well as working with and teaching others how to help underserved populations.  Paul and DonnaLee give presentations on topics of health, team building, leadership, service learning, and experiential learning.  Paul and DonnaLee have three adult children and three grandchildren.