The Successful Advocate

In order to encourage and support the professional and ministry-focused development of young adults, CABL Student Advocates work with their school mentors/sponsors to support healthy campus life for their peers and the community.

Responsibilities of the Advocate include:

  • Organizing and leading a CABL team on campus
  • Organizing four yearly events on campus.  See Program Requirements for details.
  • Advertising events through campus communications and social media outlets
  • Working closely with their school’s CABL Sponsor and/or mentor
  • Maintaining contact with the NAD’s CABL Coordinator
  • Completing the semester CABL reports on a timely basis.  See Report page for details.
  • Providing any additional information or documentation to receive the CABL Scholarship
  • Others, as assigned by CABL sponsor or mentor

The CABL Scholarship

The CABL Student Advocate is eligible to receive a $1,000 (USD) yearly scholarship.  This will be disbursed from the NAD Health Ministries after receiving a completed semester report from the student.  Two disbursements of $500 (USD) each will be made. If more than one student is serving as the advocate in a particular College or University, the funds will be divided equally between them.  The student(s) will need to complete documentation to comply with US Tax codes.

See Program Requirements for activities necessary for scholarship recipients.