2020-2021 Academic Year

Iammé Price
Iammé PriceOakwood University

Iammé Price is a sophomore at Oakwood University.  She is majoring in Health Science, and aspires toward a meaningful career in Public Health.  She is currently serving her first-year as CABL representative, and works as an administrative assistant, while holding active membership in the Health Science club on campus.  She has a strong conviction for supporting the wellbeing of underserved and under-educated populations, and takes special interest in minority and low-income communities.  She desires to develop and facilitate programs that advocate equal treatment and resources for all people.

Her personal interests include art, dance, music, poetry, world travel, and spending time with loved ones. One of her driving motivations is to honor God and family with her work!

Maria Ocana Zazueta
Maria Ocana ZazuetaSouthwestern Adventist University

My name is Maria, and I am a 26 year old student attending Southwestern Adventist University.  I am studying Social Science and plan to attend law school once I graduate in 2021.  I have been married to my incredible husband Danny for almost two years now and have a precious baby puppy named Luna Petunia.  I was born in San Jose, California but call Arizona my home since I lived there most of my life.  I moved to Texas about a year ago and I’m still getting used to the humidity.  I have a contagious bubbly personality and love chatting with friends.  I love meeting new people and love building relationships.  I am a people’s person who loves to stress the importance of self-care and health.  I love spending time in the outdoors, cooking and of course, spending time with my husband.

Ralph Keith Amisial
Ralph Keith AmisialBurman University

Hello, my name is Ralph Amisial.  My parents are originally from Haiti and I was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec.  I am a senior in the Wellness program at Burman University and I have been the CABL president for two years now.  I aspire to become a physiotherapist and open my clinic one day.  I am humbled to be the soccer team’s captain.  Soccer is one of my favorite sports and I also like to play badminton, basketball, etc.  My hobbies also include renovating, cooking and archery. I currently speak four languages and I desire to speak two more.

I’m very passionate about health and wellness, I have learned how much they truly matter and how they can bring transformative changes and benefits into our lives.  Our body and mind, when properly kept, are capable of doing so many things and help us to become the best version of ourselves.  Unfortunately, many young people in my generation do not prioritize their physical and mental health enough for all kinds of reasons.  However, I want to be an agent of change on campus by promoting healthy lifestyles and encouraging others to even take little steps for their health, because they do count. I believe everyone should be able to know more about the health ministry as it will only be beneficial to them.  I strongly believe that a healthy lifestyle brings us closer to God and we cannot forget that our body is the temple of the Holy-Spirit.  Therefore, we must do our best to keep our temple healthy physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Rebekah Steward
Rebekah StewardUnion College

My name is Rebekah Steward and I am from New Jersey.  I work as the CABL Coordinator for Union College in Lincoln Nebraska.  Currently, I am a senior studying Exercise Science with a minor in Personal Training.  My goal is to use my education to encourage and influence others to improve their lives in all aspects.  Aside from CABL, I work as a Teacher Assistant and tutor for Anatomy and Physiology.  I am also actively involved in one of the local churches in Lincoln and help coordinate a small group.  Some of my favorite pastimes include any outdoor activity, baking, reading, and music; whether it be playing, singing, or listening.  It must be noted that I am a very social person and prefer to do the previous tasks with a group of friends or future friends.  Taking into consideration that I am very passionate about health, fitness, and fun; CABL was the perfect opportunity for me to take my passions and use them to bring joy and prosperity to others.