Passing On Values to The Next Generation


Recovery & Trauma Join us for our final Health Emphasis Sabbath of the year – which will be on recovery and trauma. Plan to bring your church and community together for this special emphasis on the power Christ has to restore freedom in our lives.November 11, 2023. LET'S Raise Awareness Available resources Sermon video Use the video recording to play the sermon during your worship service.  Run time is 39 minutes. Download Sermon script This script is available to anyone who would like [...]

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Finding Hope In A Broken World


Finding Hope in a Broken World Health Sabbath 2019 The following are available to help you prepare for Health Sabbath on February 9, 2019: Sermon: Made to Thrive By Pastor John Bradshaw, Speaker/Director of It Is Written. The DVD can be purchased through AdventSource or viewed under "Videos" Additional presentations listed under "Videos" Angeline David, NAD Health Ministries Director Vicki Griffin, Michigan Conference Health Ministries Director Special issue of Vibrant Life magazine available through your local Adventist Book Center Discount order form available under "Documents" The Journey to Wholeness program provides ongoing support for individuals in need [...]

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Setting The Captives Free


Addiction Recovery Health Sabbath 2013 UNHOOKED  Download the trailer (right click the link and choose "Save Link As...") Unhooked is a project developed by Adventist Recovery Ministries and Hope Channel.  Videos can be viewed at Hope Channel or purchased through AdventSource. Driving Under the Influence: Presentation (Powerpoint) Presentation (Keynote) Presentation Notes Sermons: Setting the Captives Free Two Desperate People, One Great Physician Children's Story: Zoo Keeper and the Catch of the Gazelles Adventist Recovery Ministries Information: ARMin Brochure Journey to Life Newsletter Health Sabbath Response Sheet

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