Health & Wellness Coaching

Journeying Together

The goal of the Adventist Association of Health and Wellness Coaching (AAHWC) is to foster the training and growth of every member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in health ministry, or medical missionary work, through the skills of providing on-going personal support to others.  In doing so, we can more effectively share hope and wholeness to individuals wherever they are on their personal health journey, and in whatever may be our area of influence.  The AAHWC promotes this by connecting together individuals who share this same passion and providing them with opportunities for personal and professional growth.

The AAHWC is for all Seventh-day Adventists who are interested or involved in the practice of coaching, either as a Certified Coach or Health Partner.  We also welcome members who are interested in learning  the skills of health and wellness coaching or promoting the work of this ministry.

Our prayer is that as church members develop and implement the skills of providing on-going personal support to others, we can more closely reflect the character of Christ, thereby hastening His return.


General membership is now open!  Click the link below for details on how to join.

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