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WE quote below a statement taken from the Bulletin of the Chicago Health Department. We have no reason to doubt the correctness of the statement, and there are many statements confirmatory of this, coming from men whose honesty is unimpeached, and whose practise gives them ample opportunity to observe: —

“Last year a few entered school upon false certificates of vaccination signed by doctors. Some of these contracted smallpox, and a few died as the result of this criminal practise. One child permitted by the principal to enter school without any certificate of vaccination remained in school two weeks, contracted smallpox and died of that disease a week later. No vaccinated school child contracted the disease, though exposures to smallpox were numerous.”

Facts speak louder than theories.

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PHILADELPHIA school inspectors have barred six hundred and seventy-five pupils from the schools, either because of the presence of transmissible disease or because of insufficient evidence of vaccination.

THERE is trouble in a Pennsylvania township over the vaccination of school children. The directors of the township threaten to discharge teachers who attempt to enforce the State vaccination law. The State health commissioner has directed the teachers to go ahead and enforce the law under pain of prosecution, and has given notice that if the school directors attempt to resist the enforcement of the law, they will be arrested.