Personal testimony printed under heading HEALED BY PRAYER. BY ALICE M. AVERY-HARPER. (Laingsbuy, Mich,)

BELIEVING it to be a duty I owe to God, and for the encouragement of those who know me, I cannot refrain longer from praising my gracious God through the pages of our dear REVIEW.

For some ten years in the past I had been afflicted with erysipelas and eczema in my face. For thirty years it had troubled my hands and arms. It was caused by my having been vaccinated from impure matter. I suffered most excruciating agony ; it cannot be described. I used almost every remedy, and employed many doctors, but without any benefit. The last one said that if the disease was caused through vaccination, I never would get well, but it would grow worse as I grew older. Indeed it was growing worse, despite the many washes and remedies, until last spring, after much thought and prayer, I decided to call for the elders of the church, to have them pray for me according to James 5. 5. But first I went to our Sanitarium in Battle Creek, as I, with others, thought best to do all in my power before calling for the elders. But the good doctors there, after having conversed with me, gave me no encouragement, either to come there for treatment or that I would ever be well ; yet I had faith that the Lord would work for me, and I knew that no remedies from any physician would cure me, and had no faith in them. I had said and felt for some time that if the Lord failed me, there was no help for me.

The requirements of James 5 were followed in my behalf, and to- day I praise the Lord for what he has done for me. I am well, and the pain in my ” face is all gone. For many years I had suffered much with rheumatism at times, especially in my right arm. This was entirely removed. Before prayer, my general health seemed all broken up. I was discouraged, nervous, and very weak ; my stomach troubled me much, and I was scarcely able to be around. But praise the Lord, my health has been good ever since, and I have been able to attend to all my housework, and am happy, trusting in God. In the silent watches of the night I joyfully praise my God. 0 he is so precious to me ! My soul magnifies the Lord my Redeemer. He has loved me so much that he has died to redeem me. Praise his great and reverend name ! The hope of eternal life is precious above all things. I love the Saviour, and henceforth by his grace I consecrate myself: anew to him and his service. I bless his precious name ; for he has been very gracious and merciful to me ; and it is he who redeemeth my life from destruction, and crowneth me with loving-kindness and tender mercy ; yea, it is he who has healed my diseases. Great and tender is the good Shepherd of Israel !