Listing of articles published in the Life and Health Magazine

THE April number of Life and Health is just out, and sparkles with life-giving principles applied in treatises upon, Individual Mental and Physical Co-operation in Divine Healing, Restoring and Maintaining Health and Happiness Through Mental Reform —” A ‘Change of Seein’, ‘ Promotion of Health by Proper Dressing, The Effect of Personal Influence in Combating Disease, Fresh Air as a’ Cure for Cold’s’, The Plague, Imagination as a Remedy, Interesting Facts for Patent Medicine Users, The Curative Value of Work, Protecting Milk, Infant’ Feeding, Filthy Restaurants, Continued Food Studies, Suggestions to Housekeepers, Simplicity of Life Needed, What “Dirt Pies” Mean. to Children and Parents, The Kind of Girl Wanted by Mothers, Fathers, Brothers, Sisters, and All; Questions and Answers on, Tender Feet, ‘Deceptive Anesthetics, Weak Eyes., Pneumonia, Fruit Juice, Constipation, White Skin, etc.; Comments upon, Candy, Vaccination and Drugs; News Notes upon, Pure Foolish, Patent ‘Medicines, Frauds, Communicable Diseases, Hygienic Reforms in Railway and Street Cars, Public Health Endangered’ by Migration, etc. Twenty-five or more copies of any one issue of Life and Health to one address cost only 63 cents, post-paid. Circulating this excellent health journal is good missionary work.