Listing of articles published in the Life and Health Magazine

WE call the special attention of the REVIEW readers to the February number of Life and Health, which offers some suggestions on, How to Overcome Constipation; How to Remedy an Unhappy Life; it stimulates faith in Christ’s power to heal; cites some of the evils that come to our children through improper reading and objectionable companions; sounds a note of warning against the tendencies unfavorable to the home and the family; gives a judge’s reasons for the downfall of boys and girls. It contains Questions and Answers on, Alcohol in Candy; Removal of Tonsils; Cough Medicine for Children; Poor Circulation; The Age of Healthful Bread; Jaundice; Ulcer of the Stomach; Shortness of Breath; Diseased Tonsils; Nasal Catarrh; Effect of Cooking Food, etc.: Editorials on, False Claims Made Through Newspapers; Advertisements for the Cure of Special Diseases; Some Enemies of Reform ; Two Reasons for the Use of Alcohol Examined; Sleep for the Children; Changes in Methods of Treatment; What Rheumatic People Should Eat: Current Comment on, The Anti-Alcohol Movement Among Students and Practitioners; Paralyzing the Leucocytes ; A Deadly Fallacy; The Venereal Peril; Unclean Newspapers; Smallpox and Vaccination; A Time for Study and a Time for Sleep; The New Dietary; Reading in Bed; The Earthquake Cure; Some Uses of Cottonseed Oil, etc.: Household Suggestions on Unfermented Bread: reports of the advancement of healthful living in foreign countries, and a large collection of instructive News Notes. This number of Life and Health costs only 5 cents, but its value can not be estimated in dollars and cents. Sample copies free.