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Our School System, by F. W. Fitzpatrick. Some Special Exercises for the Business Woman, by Anne Guilbert Mahon. Man’s Struggle for Existence, by George Henry Heald, M. D. Keeping Clean Inside, by William J. Cromie. Guard the Health of Your Children, by A. E. Schelin. Effects of Hydrotherapy, by G. K. Abbott, M. D. The Canning of Fruits, by George E. Cornforth. Preparing for Medical Missionary Work, by H. J. Williams. A Letter From Java, by Lily M. Thorpe. Finding Peace in Jesus, by John N. Herboltzheimer. The Public Health Drug Action and Medical Science — Plague and the National Health Service — The International Hygiene Exhibition at Dresden. Back to the Country Pure Food Law Emasculated by a Decision — Resorcin Disinfection — Play a Science — Alcohol and Tuberculosis — Britain and the Decimal System — Consequences of Overeating Life Insurance and Health — Wisconsin and Pure Food — The Growth of the Playground Movement — Fruit Exposed on Stands — Activities of the Playground Association. The Child’s Start to School, Interesting Advice to Parents From a Medical Standpoint — Hygienic Errors in Rural Schools — The Evils of Mouth-Breathing — Revaccinhtion — Alcoholism and Phthisis — Gardening and Health. The Public School as a Factor in Unhealth — The Training of Janitors in the Sanitary Care of School Premises — The High School and the People — School Hygiene Tuberculin Treatment of Tuberculosis — Open Air for Well Children — Mouth Conditions and Health.

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— By order of the War Department, issued August 28, vaccination against typhoid fever was made compulsory for every officer and enlisted man under forty-five years of age in the United States army. The only exceptions allowed by the department order are those who have had the disease, or who have already been vaccinated. This will necessitate the treatment of nearly sixty thousand soldiers. It is claimed that the vaccination secures immunity from the disease for three years,