Printed in section “Educational Department” subtitled “Ministerial Reading Course”

Notice to 1915 Readers

Our new course for 1915 is now ready. The reading recommended by the General Conference Committee is as follows: —

“Medical Science of Today,” by Wilmott Evans, M. D., 324 pages.

The magazine Christian Education, to be used for promoting and supplementing the course.

” Gospel Workers,” the new book by Mrs. E. G. White, about 50o pages.

” The Minister as Shepherd,” by Charles Edward Jefferson, 229 pages.

” History of the Ancient World,” by George Stephen Goodspeed, 483 pages.

These books are arranged above in the order in which they should be read.

The first book, ” Medical Science of Today,” was adopted in harmony with an action of the autumn council that we include a book on medical science to be recommended by the Medical Department. The author of the book says: ” The object of this book is to give a simple explanation of some of the main principles on which are based the medicine and surgery of the present time. It has been written for non-medical readers.” Among the chapter headings are found these: “Causes of Disease,” “Germs,” “Immunity,” “Vaccination,” “Diagnosis,” “Arrest of Hemorrhage,” “Malaria,” “Role of Insects in the Production of Disease,” “Industrial Diseases,” “Medicine of the Future.” The book is illustrated, and bears date of 1912.