Impact of Funding


Q: How did funding affect the development process and timeline? The vast up-front federal funding was one of the major factors which allowed us to be able to develop COVID-19 vaccines in such a remarkably short time. Normally, limited funding is made available to advance a vaccine through small steps in development and this timeline typically is 10-20 years long to go through each of these steps. The other major factor in facilitating the remarkably short timeline was the many decades of scientific investment already conducted in the vaccine technologies (mRNA, virus-vectoring, nanoparticles, and others) which allowed us to [...]

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Nanoparticle Safety


Q: How safe are the nanoparticles used in the vaccine? Nanoparticles are vaccines which are created through assembly on a nano-size scale, to mimic a virus structure (virus-like particle) or be encased in a protective micro-bubble of fats (liposome). Nanoparticle vaccines should be just as safe as standard “naked” protein vaccines, but are designed to give better immune responses. Response by E. Albert Reece, MD, PhD, MBA, Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs, UM Baltimore, John Z. and Akiko K. Bowers Distinguished Professor, Dean, University of Maryland School of Medicine and Wilbur H. Chen, MD, MS, FACP, FISDA, Professor of Medicine, [...]

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mRNA Technology


Q: What is mRNA vaccine technology and what is the history of use in vaccines? The body uses three major steps to make all the proteins in our bodies: (1) the body’s DNA contains the genetic code for all the proteins of the body; (2) mRNA translates the DNA genetic code for each specific protein; and (3) ribosomes stitch together the string of amino acids making up each specific protein. Therefore, mRNA is the intermediate step in making proteins for the body. The mRNA does not interfere with the body’s genes and will not cause any problems with infertility. [...]

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Full Disclosure of Risks


Q: Why is there no full disclosure of any potential risk? And why are the blood clots being brushed aside rather than given a fair examination by the media and medical "experts"? When taking the COVID-19 vaccine, many distributing organizations have recipients signs disclosure before getting the vaccine.  A summary of these can be found here.[1]  There have been issues specifically with the Johnson & Johnson (Jannsen) COVID-19 vaccine and blood clots.  These were not brushed aside but rather paused the vaccine campaign for almost two weeks in April 2021.  After an investigation of the 6 cases (out of 6.8 million doses given [...]

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Vegetarian/Vegan Diets


Q:  Does a Vegetarian/Vegan diet lesson the effects of Covid-19. Have there been any tests or studies? We are starting to get good data from the pandemic that indicates that a Vegetarian/Vegan diet might be protective of COVID-19.  The studies are designed only to see if there is an association with diet and disease incidence and not if it is the cause, however.  In one study, a plant-based diet was associated with a 73% reduction in moderate COVID-19 and a 59% reduction in severe COVID-19.  This study also showed that compared to a plant-based diet, a low carbohydrate, high protein diet was [...]

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Use of Hydrotherapy


Q: Has anyone treated Covid-19 with hydrotherapy? Yes!  While there has not yet been a randomized controlled study looking at the efficacy of hydrotherapy in the outpatient and inpatient setting, I know of several centers that are employing hydrotherapy and studying its effects.  There is good reason to believe that such an intervention could work but again nothing is 100% effective.  When employed for the influenza pandemic in 1918 at Adventist Sanitariums in the Northeast, it was more effective when started early and did not work in 100% of the cases.  Here are some references with regard to hydrotherapy.[1, 2, 3] [...]

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Antibody Enhancement and Vaccine Enhanced Diseases


Q:  Please discuss concerns with antibody enhancement and vaccine enhanced diseases with the COVID vaccine. The aim of any vaccine is for the body to make antibodies that neutralize the virus before it has a chance to get into the cells of the body.  It is possible for the body to make antibodies that, instead of neutralizing the invader, enable the virus to enter the cells at an increased rate and, therefore, increase disease potential.  This can happen with vaccines and viruses.  Vaccine makers were very conscious of this possibility when they set out to make the vaccine and, as a result, made sure [...]

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Symptoms Mean Vaccine is Harmful


Q:  If the vaccines causes symptoms, doesn’t that mean it is harming the body? The purpose of the vaccine is to allow the immune system advanced sampling of the proteins of the virus so that antibodies and other immune cells can be prepared for when the real virus infects the body and it can quickly neutralize it.  The immune system uses chemical messages to signal to cells that are part of this system to reproduce and make the necessary antibodies.  These messengers, such as interferon, can make you feel like you have the flu.  Fortunately, this does not last long and usually [...]

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Vaccine “Shedding”


Q: Can you address thoughts that the vaccine recipient "sheds" up to 3 weeks after inoculation and puts non vaccinated people at risk for being sterile? A recent study out of the Netherlands looked at the characteristics of breakthrough delta SARS-CoV-2 infections in health care workers. They found that vaccine breakthrough infections do occur, but that infectious viral shedding is actually reduced in these cases.[1] In terms of the vaccine causing sterility, there is no evidence that vaccine recipients are at increased risk of sterility or perinatal complications. Multiple studies have evaluated this and have found no impact.[2] Pregnancy [...]

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Transmitting the Virus After Vaccination


Q: Is it still possible to transmit the virus to others after you are vaccinated? And if so, does one need to still wear a mask? I have heard both opinions on this topic. Initially, the vaccines were given Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) based on their efficacy at preventing disease (COVID-19) in the recipients of the vaccine.  Studies later showed that they were also effective at reducing transmission and preventing infection in others with 91% efficacy.  These studies were performed before the emergence of the delta variant and also early after initial vaccines doses were administered.  Because of the emergence of the [...]

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