Responses to common questions on the COVID-19 vaccinations.

Efficacy of One Shot


Q: Please explain how the Jansen (J&J) vaccine is effective when it is one shot, not two. The J&J vaccine was studied as a single dose vaccine and a 2-dose vaccine; the 2-dose study (called ENSEMBLE-2) is still being performed, but is anticipated to definitively demonstrate improved efficacy compared to the single dose. Nonetheless, the single dose J&J is very good at preventing hospitalization and deaths. The Astra Zeneca vaccine (a 2-dose vaccine) and J&J vaccine are both very similar to each other and use the virus-vector approach to make the vaccine. Response by E. Albert Reece, [...]

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Efficacy & Safety of mRNA Model


Q:  All three vaccines available in the United States rely on our own cells to translate mRNA strands into the spike protein structures. How common is it for vaccines to employ our own cells to construct antigens? This is incorrect. Only two of the three currently EUA approved vaccines use the mRNA technology. The third vaccine is a nanoparticle vaccine.The Covid vaccines are the first set of mRNA vaccines to be EUA approved. Prior mRNA vaccines were developed for other emerging infections (zika and ebola) but were not advanced to the late development stage because there was not the [...]

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Testing In Animals First


Q: I have heard that vaccines are frequently tested on animals first and this one wasn’t. Can you address that? The early development of each vaccine involved testing in animals. The mRNA vaccines were tested in animals while trying to create solutions for zika, ebola, influenza, HIV, and many other infectious diseases. The great advantage of the mRNA vaccines is that when a “new” threat is identified then we simply need to have the genetic code to be able to make the mRNA vaccine. This technology has been built over decades of testing in the lab, in animals, and [...]

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Bat DNA & Microchips


Q: Does the spike protein contain bat DNA?  What proof do we have that they do not contain a microchip? The spike protein is made of protein and there is no DNA. There are no bat-derived ingredients in any of the vaccines. See response to question on "mRNA Technology" for more information on DNA, RNA, and proteins. There is no technology to make microchips smaller than a grain of rice, hence it would be impossible to put a microchip into a vaccine vial or needle. Response by E. Albert Reece, MD, PhD, MBA, Executive Vice President for [...]

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Vaccine Ingredients


Q: What are the ingredients in the vaccine, are they all safe or can they create other symptoms? Why don’t they tell us what is in the vaccine? The ingredients in all of the FDA reviewed Covid vaccines (as well as any vaccine or drug that is reviewed by the FDA) is made known in the FDA application, there are no hidden ingredients and there is no mystery. However, the specific manufacture process (think like the recipe of a special dish) is not disclosed to the public because these are protected and proprietary intellectual property (like the recipes of [...]

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Impact of Funding


Q: How did funding affect the development process and timeline? The vast up-front federal funding was one of the major factors which allowed us to be able to develop COVID-19 vaccines in such a remarkably short time. Normally, limited funding is made available to advance a vaccine through small steps in development and this timeline typically is 10-20 years long to go through each of these steps. The other major factor in facilitating the remarkably short timeline was the many decades of scientific investment already conducted in the vaccine technologies (mRNA, virus-vectoring, nanoparticles, and others) which allowed us to [...]

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Nanoparticle Safety


Q: How safe are the nanoparticles used in the vaccine? Nanoparticles are vaccines which are created through assembly on a nano-size scale, to mimic a virus structure (virus-like particle) or be encased in a protective micro-bubble of fats (liposome). Nanoparticle vaccines should be just as safe as standard “naked” protein vaccines, but are designed to give better immune responses. Response by E. Albert Reece, MD, PhD, MBA, Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs, UM Baltimore, John Z. and Akiko K. Bowers Distinguished Professor, Dean, University of Maryland School of Medicine and Wilbur H. Chen, MD, MS, FACP, FISDA, Professor of Medicine, [...]

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mRNA Technology


Q: What is mRNA vaccine technology and what is the history of use in vaccines? The body uses three major steps to make all the proteins in our bodies: (1) the body’s DNA contains the genetic code for all the proteins of the body; (2) mRNA translates the DNA genetic code for each specific protein; and (3) ribosomes stitch together the string of amino acids making up each specific protein. Therefore, mRNA is the intermediate step in making proteins for the body. The mRNA does not interfere with the body’s genes and will not cause any problems with infertility. [...]

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Full Disclosure of Risks


Q: Why is there no full disclosure of any potential risk? And why are the blood clots being brushed aside rather than given a fair examination by the media and medical "experts"? When taking the COVID-19 vaccine, many distributing organizations have recipients signs disclosure before getting the vaccine.  A summary of these can be found here.[1]  There have been issues specifically with the Johnson & Johnson (Jannsen) COVID-19 vaccine and blood clots.  These were not brushed aside but rather paused the vaccine campaign for almost two weeks in April 2021.  After an investigation of the 6 cases (out of 6.8 million doses given [...]

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Vegetarian/Vegan Diets


Q:  Does a Vegetarian/Vegan diet lesson the effects of Covid-19. Have there been any tests or studies? We are starting to get good data from the pandemic that indicates that a Vegetarian/Vegan diet might be protective of COVID-19.  The studies are designed only to see if there is an association with diet and disease incidence and not if it is the cause, however.  In one study, a plant-based diet was associated with a 73% reduction in moderate COVID-19 and a 59% reduction in severe COVID-19.  This study also showed that compared to a plant-based diet, a low carbohydrate, high protein diet was [...]

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