O suffering one, shaken by the storm and not comforted,
See, I will set your stones in beautiful colors.

Isaiah 54:11

What is SEASONS?

Moving through the changes of grief and loss

A support group for those needing comfort

During times of grief and loss, we need the message of hope and wholeness offered through Jesus and His body. We need to walk with each other and comfort each other as we receive God’s comfort. 

SEASONS is a peer-driven support group program to be used at local churches or community centers.  This 10-week journey offers a safe place of healing for individuals who are grieving the loss of a loved one.

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Grief Recovery (SEASONS)
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A Snapshot of SEASONS

10 Weekly Sessions

Meet on a weekly basis with others who are also moving through the changes that loss brings.  By listening to each other’s story, and sharing our own, we gain hope for the journey.

What is the Grief Group Ministry Network?


Coming together for greater impact.

The Grief Group Ministry Network (GGMN) is for anyone who is conducting a support group for grief and loss, regardless of which grief program you may be using.  Together we will explore how to better serve those who are grieving current and past losses.

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