Health Fair

April 4, 2023

Lexington, KY, USA

Come join us for this health-stravaganza!

In an effort to be relevant to the communities where we live, work, and play, we are offering FREE basic health screenings.  We want to enable YOU to take charge of your own health!

Join us in person at the

Lexington Griffin Gate Marriott Golf Resort & Spa
1800 Newtown Pike
Lexington, Kentucky 40511
Starts In

Did You Know?

It’s been said that genetics loads the gun, but lifestyle pulls the trigger.  We cannot control every thing that impacts our health, but there ARE many things we can do to reduce our risks.

Most medical treatments are expensive, but you have access to FREE resources to help improve your physical and mental health.  Come and learn how!

Gone are the days when being healthy was boring or mundane.  There are many ways to get a little more healthy — come get a taste of a few!

Let’s face it — the world today can be tough to survive in.  But HOPE for a healthy and peace-filled life is available to anyone who wants it, and it’s FREE!

Whatever your struggle, whether it be physical, emotional, or otherwise, there is a community of people who share your journey.  And they want to walk with YOU!

Kids Area

There will be an area for little ones, too, so bring them along and give them a head start to good health!

Services Available

Free Screenings

  • Height, Weight, and Body Fat Percentage

  • Blood Pressure

  • Tecumseh Step Test

  • Peak Flow Meter

  • Health Age Test

Plus More…

  • Hydrotherapy Demo

  • Anti-stress Massage

  • Health Coaching

  • Food Tasting

  • Pickleball Demo

How Much Does it Cost?

All our services and resources
are FREE of charge


Walk in and sign up at the check-in booth


Walk through the exhibits on your own or request a tour guide


Pick up a copy of the handouts and experience all the screenings available, then check in with your physician for follow-up care

Sign Up for a Pickleball Class

Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports today!

Sign up for a quick workshop on pickleball with Coach Ernie, Board Member of the USA Pickleball Association.  Learn expert tips on how to make this fun activity available for all ages and groups!

Don’t Stop!

Good health is a life-long journey that we take one step at a time.  Let us be with you for another step forward!