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Health Summit 2023 FAQs

What is this event about?2023-03-01T21:15:04-05:00

The NAD Health Summit is about training and equipping YOU to better serve your church and your community, and thereby fulfill God’s calling.  Events tend to focus on a short period of time, but the Summit’s focus is on equipping you to have successful long-term ministry.  To this end, we are offering free follow-up meetings via Zoom for up to six months after the Summit.  As you connect with your instructors and peers during these pre-scheduled calls, you will have the support you need to launch into ministry, and to keep moving forward.

It is our desire that all churches have practical and effective tools for successful ministry.  We are investing in YOU at the Summit, and going forward.

What if I can only attend a few days? Should I still come?2023-03-01T21:15:51-05:00

Yes!  There is much to be gained even by attending only a portion of the Summit.  Monday and Tuesday will focus on leadership development, Wednesday and Thursday will focus on facilitator training, and Friday will focus on networking and strategic planning.  The more days you’re able to be with us, the more equipped you will feel to carry the gospel forward through the ministry of healing.

Is this only for health ministry directors? Is this only for health professionals?2023-03-01T21:16:17-05:00

The Summit is geared to equip health ministry leaders, team members, health professionals, as well as other ministry leaders.  This includes pastors, personal ministry leaders, youth leaders, community service leaders, etc.  Anyone who believes that healing is an important part of sharing the good news of the gospel should be at the Summit.

Are translations available?2023-03-01T21:24:20-05:00

We will provide Spanish and French translations for certain portions of the Summit.  This includes all plenary and general sessions.  Only certain breakout sessions will be translated, depending on demand.

Can I get a discount for registration if I can only attend a few days?2023-03-01T21:26:05-05:00

You can register to attend the full week, or only the first part or last part of the week.  These registration options are available through our online registration system.

Which is the closest airport?2023-03-01T21:30:46-05:00

The Blue Grass Airport – Lexington (LEX) is about nine miles away from our venue and Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport (SDF) is about one hour drive away.  There are other options that you can find listed on our website.

How do I get to the hotel from the airport?2023-03-01T21:31:38-05:00

The hotel does not provide a shuttle from the airport, but taxis, Uber, Lyft, etc are readily available from Lexington Blue Grass Airport.  Visit the airport website for details.

What meals are provided? What kind of food?2023-03-01T21:32:18-05:00

Registration includes lunch meals Monday through Sabbath, plus Sabbath breakfast.  All meals will be plant based with gluten-free options.  If you register for only a part of the Summit, you will be able to receive the meals only for those days.

What about breakfast and dinner?2023-03-28T17:48:11-04:00

Several restaurants are available on the hotel site, which you can find listed here:  There are also restaurants within a few miles of the hotel, some of which participate in delivery services.

Special dinners are also provided for attendees on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday evening.

What are the nearby attractions?2023-03-01T21:33:20-05:00

The Ark Encounter and Creation Museum are popular nearby attractions.  We’ve made arrangements for discount admission and transportation to take attendees to these on Sabbath afternoon.  Tickets must be purchased by March 8 and we cannot guarantee availability after this date.

Can I switch from one class to another?2023-03-01T21:34:44-05:00

Please contact us ASAP if you need to switch to another class.  Any changes in fees will apply.  Knowing which class you will attend will ensure that we can have any course material available for you.  It is unlikely that there will be “extra” copies.

How can I find a roommate? How about a carpool from my city, or state?2023-03-01T21:30:19-05:00

Visit our Facebook group for Roommates and Rides, linked below.

I’m a pastor, which class should I attend?2023-03-01T21:34:20-05:00

It is difficult to identify which class you should attend.  That will depend on your interest area, the needs of your church, and of course, what areas God is calling you to focus on.

One class to consider is the Health Partner coaching skills class is a general training that will be useful for all ministry leaders and pastors.  The class includes a “train the trainer” portion so that you can go back to your churches and equip your leaders with coaching skills.

Will the meetings be recorded? Can I watch online?2023-03-01T21:36:49-05:00

Plenary and general sessions will be recorded and made available through the Adventist Learning Community.  Not all breakout sessions will be recorded.  The Summit will not be live-streamed.

Is financial assistance available to come to the Summit?2023-03-01T21:39:30-05:00

Discuss with your local church and Conference leadership about possible partnership where financial assistance may be available.  The Summit will help to prepare you to better serve the ministry needs of your church — we recommend you share with your church leaders your vision and plan for health ministry, and how you will help reach the church’s missional goals.

I have an emergency and cannot attend. How do I get a refund?2023-03-01T21:36:21-05:00

Please contact us using the link below if you have a last-minute emergency.  We request that you find someone to attend in your place as reimbursements cannot be made after March 15.  If you need to cancel prior to March 15, a 10% fee will apply.

What activities are available for children?2023-03-01T21:39:04-05:00

While there is no programming available for children during plenary and class/training sessions, they are welcome to join you at the evening devotional meetings and Sabbath services.  You will be responsible for making arrangements for appropriate adult supervision.

The “health-stravaganza” on Tuesday afternoon will have an entire area dedicated to teaching children about health.  They may also enjoy the Sabbath outing to the Ark Encounter or Creation Museum.

How can I have a booth space?2023-03-01T21:38:34-05:00

Booth spaces are limited.  Please email us using the contact form if you are requesting a space.  All requests will be carefully considered, after which we will inform you whether or not you are approved.  Please note, distributing material that has not been approved by NAD Health Ministries is not permissible.  Please refrain from doing so, or we may have you removed.

How can I volunteer for the Summit?2023-03-01T21:40:48-05:00

There are many opportunities where you can help at the Summit.  Please contact us if you are interested.  Volunteers who provide at least 10 hours of support will be eligible for discount registration.

What should I wear?2023-03-28T17:50:50-04:00

We will be active and exercising during the Summit, so dress comfortably.  Casual or business casual attire is recommended.

For the Friday evening Commissioning, we suggest more dressy attire as it’s a special moment for attendees.

Sabbath morning worship is also a special time and you may wish to wear dressy/Sabbath attire.

Please contact us if you have other questions.

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