More Than We Realize


More Than We Realize Contributed by Angeline D. Brauer, DrPH, MHS, RDN Celebrate National Nutrition Month® and a focus on a beautifully balanced diet. Each year, dietitians and nutritionists rejoice during the month of March for National Nutrition Month®.  It’s our opportunity to get a bit of the spotlight and focus on the importance of a healthy eating plan.  The theme for 2024, in a campaign provided by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, is “Beyond the Table.” With this theme, we are encouraged to consider what happens to our food and drinks before [...]

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Food and Mood


Food and Mood How what we eat affects how we feel Contributed by Maggie Collins, MPH, RDN, CDCES, DipACLM It is estimated that rates of depression among adults in the United States have jumped from 8.5% before the pandemic to a current 32.8%. What can be attributed to this alarming increase? Could it be that besides the emotional toll of the pandemic eating habits also declined during this time? What is the relationship between the foods we eat and how we feel? Does the Bible have anything to say about the connection between lifestyle [...]

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Plant-full Holiday


Celebrating a Plant-full Holiday Season Contributed by Maggie Collins, MPH, RDN, CDCES, DipACLM The holiday season is upon us and with that comes all the special dishes we reserve (or try to) for this time of the year. But how does our body respond to these occasional splurges? Are there plant-based solutions to minimize the extra calories, sugar, fat, and sodium that so easily pile up during the holidays? Does the Bible have anything to say about foods for special occasions? You don’t want to miss our upcoming article discussing these interesting questions. [...]

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All Tangled Up


All Tangled Up Minimizing Stress and Pursuing Joy During the Holiday Season Ever have tangled feelings about the holiday season?  Come join us as we discover God’s design for unwinding. Meet Our Presenter Adelaide C. Durkin, MS, RN, CNE, DNPc Review the Resources Explore More Visit the AAFCN InTouch page for more informative and practical webinars. Email Newsletter Sponsored by

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