Caring for You

In the hour of His greatest agony, Christ cried out “My soul is crushed with horror and sadness to the point of death, ” Matt 26:38, TLB.  He knows what it is like to carry the weight of the world.  And to grieve beyond reason or understanding.  But He does not want us to be left alone with sorrow.  Even He pleaded to His friends “stay here . . . stay awake with me” (ibid).

The resources below are provided to educate on potential mental health needs, addictions, and risk of violence during times of crises and to increase awareness on the available resources.  We believe God is our true Healer, and that He offers us help through our communities.

General Mental Health

Children & Families


Abuse & Violence

Informational Resources

My Pandemic Story


Mind & Self-Care


Find Hope

Remember A Loved One

Blessed are those who mourn

Acts of Prayer

United & devoted steadfastly to prayer

Ministry Tools

Share Hope

Vaccine Exemptions

Early Adventist Writings


Revealing the Light