CABL Coordinator

CABL is a collaborative effort of the Health Ministries, Young Adult Ministries, and Education Departments of the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists.

We are pleased to work with our CABL Coordinator, Paul Lehmann, Chair/Associate Professor of the Outward Pursuits Department at Burman University.  Mr. Lehmann serves as the primary contact with student advocates as well as the school sponsor/mentor. He can be contacted through the Contact Us page.

Responsibilities of the CABL Coordinator

  • Provides advice and support for student advocates as needed
  • Provides support for school sponsors and mentors as needed
  • Reviews and approves all applications for serving as a CABL student advocate
  • Reviews and approves all semester reports from CABL student advocates
  • Provides guidance and visioning for the CABL program
  • Represents CABL at the yearly Chaplains conference
  • Facilitates communication between the NAD, participating schools, and student advocates
  • Facilitates training for CABL student advocates, including webinars and in-person trainings
  • Serves on the NAD Health Ministries Advisory Committee