Caring For the Elderly

Ministering to A High Risk Population In the COVID-19 Era

COVID-19 has uncovered and exploited many of our weaknesses – personal, behavioral, and overall health, societal, and even Public Health. Hardest hit have been the elderly and those with underlying non-communicable disease states. In this segment we shall explore why the elderly are vulnerable and how we can care for them, decrease their risk, and protect them from this disease which for them may be deadly.

Meet Our Presenters

Zeno L. Charles-Marcel, MD

Dr. Charles-Marcel is privileged to serve God through caring for people as individuals and in organizations. His service is characterized by variety and personal challenge: medical practice, public health, healthcare administration, academia, private consulting, medical ministry, business and entrepreneurship, NGO work, media and public speaking, writing, research, innovation, disaster relief and medical missionary work. He engaged in formative studies at four universities: McGill (Biophysics), Howard (Medicine) and Loma Linda (Internal Medicine residency) and the University of Arizona (Leadership and Health Diplomacy). He is a lifelong learner at the foot of the cross and through formal and informal courses selected to “improve his service. He co-founded the first academic Lifestyle Medicine Fellowship in the US, and has served as a medical missionary in India, the Middle East, and Latin America. He has learned a lot from serving in administrative leadership in US governmental and denominational systems, overseas mission hospitals, lifestyle centers and academic programs. He is a former Dean of Health Sciences at Montemorelos University and holds adjunct faculty appointments at three universities.

Wynelle Stevens

Wynelle serves as the Assistant Director, Elder Care for the Adventist Community Services.

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