Q:  If we are fearfully and wonderfully made by God (Ps. 139:14), am I showing a lack of faith by taking the vaccination, rather than relying on “natural” remedies like rest, exercise, hydrotherapy, and vitamins?

It is not a lack of faith to make use of valid medical science in the treatment of disease. Rather, it is a thoughtful application of knowledge that God has graciously given through careful research and study. Vaccination is not actually a treatment for a disease, but rather is a preventative, triggering the body’s natural immune system to be ready if you become infected. As such, it works with the natural remedies of fresh air, sunlight, water, rest, exercise, proper diet, abstemiousness and trust in divine aid, to strengthen the body to resist disease.

Responses by Tom Shepherd, PhD, DrPH, Senior Research Professor of New Testament Interpretation and Director, Greek Manuscript Research Center, Andrews University Seminary