Matters of Faith

Mark of the Beast


For answers to questions on the Mark of the Beast and End Time Events, see this article published by the Biblical Research Institute in June 2021.

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Study for Yourselves


Q: When we study the Bible, we are told to study for ourselves, and not to just take someone's word for it. But regarding medical things people are being criticized and even ridiculed for examining it for themselves. Shouldn't critical investigation be welcomed in medicine as well as biblical study? Careful analytical thinking is important in every field of study. Use of ridicule is never appropriate. In doing careful analytical thinking it is important to use data that is clear and accurate, based on valid methods of research. In doing research on vaccines a system of double-blind investigation is [...]

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Fearfully and Wonderfully Made


Q:  If we are fearfully and wonderfully made by God (Ps. 139:14), am I showing a lack of faith by taking the vaccination, rather than relying on “natural” remedies like rest, exercise, hydrotherapy, and vitamins? It is not a lack of faith to make use of valid medical science in the treatment of disease. Rather, it is a thoughtful application of knowledge that God has graciously given through careful research and study. Vaccination is not actually a treatment for a disease, but rather is a preventative, triggering the body’s natural immune system to be ready if you become infected. [...]

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Theological Reflection


Vaccination: A Biblical and Theological Reflection The word vaccination does not occur in the Bible, as is the case with many other important health terms like vitamins, transfusion, high blood pressure, kidney transplant, injection, pills, and so on. In the Bible there are no Mothers Against Drunk Driving groups, anti-smoking campaigns, instructions on gym classes or breathing fresh air, drinking 6–8 glasses of water every day, washing your hands before each meal, brushing your teeth, and so on. We could create a much longer list of such good practices not verbally addressed in the Holy Scriptures. What’s in Your Bible? That [...]

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