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Jonathan Brauer

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner at Principled Healing
Laurel, MD, United States
Detoxification, Food Allergies/Sensitivities, Functional Medicine Testing, Functional Nutrition Counseling, Gut Healing
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Jasmine Kelly-Stephens

Holistic Health and Wellness Coach at Jasmine Stephens Wellness, LLC
Hazlet, NJ, United States
Lifestyle Modification, Nutrition, Emotional Eating, Stress Management
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Richard (Rick) Mautz

Health Ministry Director at Rocky Mountain Conference
Castle Rock, Colorado, United States
Gut Healing, Lifestyle Modification, Nutrition, Weight Loss
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Ernie Medina, Jr.

Assistant Professor; Faculty Liason for Alumni at Loma Linda Univeristy, School of Public Health
Loma Linda, CA, United States
Lifestyle Modification, Nutrition, Weight Loss
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Kimberly Peters

Owner & Certified Health and Wellness Coach at Perfect Soundness Coaching
Hyde Park, New York, United States
Lifestyle Modification, Stress Management, Time Management
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Angela Poch

at Higher Path – Body Mind Health
Galloway, British Columbia, Canada
Lifestyle Modification, Trauma, Pain Management, Weight Loss, Depression & Anxiety
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Bianca Radut

Wellness & Lifestyle Coach; Secretary for AAHWC
Sacramento, CA, United States
Lifestyle Modification
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Lillian Simon

BSN, RN, CHC at Terra Health Coaching
Orlando, FL, United States
Lifestyle Modification, Mental Health, Depression, Anxiety
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Lucia Tiffany

Owner at 3-D Health LLC
Yankee Hill, CA, United States
Lifestyle Modification, Nutrition
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Janie Unruh

Health Consultant and public speaker in lifestyle & whole plant based, raw, living foods at Progressively Raw Wellness
Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada
Addiction Recovery, Detoxification, Food Allergies/Sensitivities, Lifestyle Modification, Nutrition, Weight Loss, Chronic Diseases (ie: diabetes)
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