Gardening for Better Health

My Journey

Through the years, God has placed me in professional health environments and called me to make better lifestyle changes. While I haven’t always made changes readily, it has been a worthwhile journey. Join us next week as I share my personal health journey, my love of gardening and how well the two work together.

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Meet Our Presenter

Philip Riley

Philip Riley graduated from Washington Adventist University in 2007 with a degree in theology, but his real passion is sharing God’s truths through media.  This passion sent him on a journey of discovery to the actual Discovery Communications, where he learned to make professional television programs while working on well-known shows such as Hoarding: Buried Alive, Puppy Bowls IV, V, VIII, and Discovery Channel CME. After ending his tour with Discovery’s networks he followed his true calling to work for Hope Channel, to share the gospel through broadcast programming.

Now, he produces video shorts while also working with the North American Division Health Ministries Department. He believes that our church should put a greater emphasis on the strength of our health message and he hopes to help make that happen.

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