Start a Farmers’ Market

Another strategy for bringing fresh, healthy food into an urban area is by starting a farmers’ market. It can be as simple as selling the produce you grow, or partnering with farmers to bring produce in from rural areas. One hospital held “Market Mondays” and arranged for a local farmer to set up a farm stand outside the hospital front doors every Monday during the growing season. An inner city church had farmers sell produce out of the back of a pickup truck in the church parking lot on Wednesday evenings before prayer meeting.

There are several factors to consider in starting a weekly farmers’ market, such as:

  • Potential site for the market (think about serving your community; your facility might not be the best location)
  • Food sources
  • Duration of the farmers’ market, including dates and hours the market will be open
  • Staffing the farmers’ market (volunteering to set up or break down a farmers’ market is also a good source of physical activity for teens)
  • Parking
  • Insurance and permits
  • Funding sources
  • Other interested community partners who can collaborate
  • Promotion and signage

Make sure you report your farmers’ market activities on the Adventists InStep for Life website so you’ll be eligible for awards and so we can count your activities toward our goals.

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